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"Madam" said Shi Cunming "how did you end up on the battlefield Fighting

"Madam" said Shi Cunming "how did you end up on the battlefield Fighting is not a fun thing "" Helan Mingzhu heaved a sigh of relief and said "If I had known that the war was so cruel not only would I not have gone to the battlefield but I would not have come to the Western Regions When our army rushed across the Tianshan Mountains I was delighted to see the hunting I wanted to see the glory of the Celestial Army chasing north I brought a servant from the rear army How could I know that your army had come back Ten thousand riders were galloping and the sky was dark" I was dizzy by the rebels and the attendants were completely separated! Sitting on a horse I was hit by an arrow and fell dead My left shoulder was also hit by an arrow I somersaulted and turned over into the ditch I shouted for a long time but I almost broke my throat Just now

Butterfly came and dragged me out of the ditch I was hurt and hungry It was dark If I hadn't met you it would be really When she went on there was a fire in front of her and someone shouted "Which one is it" Express the name otherwise we must put the arrow! Helan Mingzhu was so startled that she stumbled and almost fell to the ground Shi Cunming knew that it was the returning soldiers under Yamato Zhuo Mu who were coming He stepped forward and shouted in Uyghur "Don't shoot arrows It's one of us!" Opposite the flash of fire after more than 10 back to the soldiers these soldiers are all five-color silk Baotou wholesale plastic pallet wearing a long sword the original is the cavalry of Qiakan when a young man less than 20 years old face yellow thin floating eyes wearing a precious mink fur he looked at Shi Cunming one eye see Shi Cunming with two beautiful young flag woman can not help but move in the heart The boy was the son of the chieftain of the

Chacan tribe Ge Shida His name was Ge Bulin He liked fishing He said to Shi Cunming in a harsh voice "You bastard how dare you pretend to be one of your own If you are one of your own why are you taking two Manchurian girls with you Where are you going to take her" You say it quickly! Shi Cunming rushed up but he was still patient and said "I'm not an impostor My name is Shi Cunming I'm a subordinate of Meng Silun Princess of the Golden Bow" Gerblin suddenly sneered and said "You're scaring me with the name of Princess Golden Bow No you're a spy I'll take these two Manchurian girls back" It turned out that this little chieftain Gebulin had sent someone to Xiaohe Zhuomu chieftain a few years ago to propose marriage to Meng Silun but Meng Silun refused So he was still angry with Princess Golden Bow He took a fancy to the beauty of Helan Pearl and wanted to take her back to be his fourth wife

(According to Islamic custom a man can marry four wives) Of course he wanted to scare Shi Cunming away He didn't know what kind of person Shi Cunming was and how he was willing to be cheated by Gebrin He straightened his chest and put his hand on the hilt of his sword and shouted "Nonsense She is not your captive nor was she captured by you personally Why should you take her back to the herdsmen on the grasslands of southern Xinjiang wholesale plastic pallet There is an unbreakable bad custom" The two sides fought which soldier captured the enemy alive is a man will be a slave is a woman will be a concubine Shi Cunming in Meng Silun's army for a period of time know that there is this bad custom he saw that Gebrin had a bad heart listen to take this to pressure him

"I'm a little chieftain of the Chiakan tribe and you're a barbarian For that I want these two beauties!" Shi Cunming has not yet answered Ge Brin suddenly felt a flower in front of his eyes two bangs a Chakan warrior has been thrown twenty feet away! It turned out that when Shi Cunming was talking to the little chief Gebrin a warrior beside Gebrin wanted to please the little chief Suddenly he darted behind Shi Cunming As soon as his left arm hooked his neck and his right fist touched his ribs he would use wrestling to push him to the ground! How to know that Shi Cunming was the high foot of Master Zhi Chan where would he plot against him The young strong man immediately bent his back and hit the valve point on the chest of the warrior The warrior loosened his hands Shi Cunming turned over and grabbed the right arm of the warrior with a "three-ring set of moon" technique and threw it outward The warrior was like a paper harrier with a broken line He flew seven or eight feet fell on his buttocks and mobile garbage bin landed on all fours! Gebrin was startled Two more Chacan warriors pounced on him to capture Shi Cunming Shi Cunming threw his backhand and fell down one Then he lifted his leg and kicked the second one in a big somersault The rest of the warriors could not help but shout loudly They were swarming forward and relying on more to win Gebrin shouted "Wait a minute!" Leaking Blood Fu Long Chapter 12 The Warbler is angry and the Swallow scolds the Jade Girl to fold the Flying Dragon Chapter 12 the warbler is angry and the swallow scolds the jade girl to fold the flying dragon He said to Shi Cunming with a strong smile "Young man when I see you with these two Manchurian girls I know you haven't married a wife!"! Come on come on I'll split it with you one for each of you! "I want this" he said with a smile pointing to the Helan Pearl Pointing to the butterfly he said "Here's the young one" The butterfly blushed with shame

Shi Cunming flew into a rage and scolded "Fart!"! I Shi Cunming am of indomitable spirit I am not a lascivious and greedy person You should make way for me as soon as possible Don't pester me blindly so as not to hurt the harmony! When Gebrin saw that he didn't buy it at all he was so angry that he shouted "How dare you! Don't give you face Come here and kill this boy!" Twenty or thirty Qiakan clan warriors came forward together long sword contest Shi Cunming because the other side is to come to assist the size and Zhuo Mu battle not to the last resort do not want to hurt people he pulled out the broken rainbow sword the sword like a whirl of lightning tinkling a sound of broken gold and jade seven or eight warriors in the hands of the long sword at the same time by Shi Cunming's sword cut off the rest of Wu 10 see in the eyes Can't help but be frightened to retreat! When Gebrin saw that Shi Cunming was using a sword to cut copper and iron he was so angry that most of it disappeared in the hall Knowing that he could not oppose him he had to shout at the top of his voice "Boy stop!" He stopped his subordinates from acting rashly and said to Shi Cunming "Well with your sword and skill I'll let you go" When Shi Cunming saw that the other party had already given in he didn't care too much about himself He handed over his hand and said "Give in!" As expected the warrior of the Chiakan clan got out of the way Shi Cunming ordered Dieer to hold the Helan Pearl and walk by After he broke his sword he had just walked thirty paces when Gebrin suddenly shouted "Boy!"! Go to the west! Hands a Yang whoosh two javelins throw out of hand toward Shi Cunming after the heart to fly!


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