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"Ha ha ha ha!" No Bodhi Lao Zu suddenly laughed and said

"Ha ha ha ha!" No Bodhi Lao Zu suddenly laughed and said "So you don't know!"! The so-called Treasure House of Demons that is the Treasure House of Demons is also in the key of Bodhi! At the beginning the key of Bodhi suppressed the inner demons of me and more than ten other strong people After the purification effect of the root of Bodhi the accumulated inner demons were finally scattered However many inner demons of different strengths and forms were scattered in the key of Bodh Later Demon Zun consulted with me and thought it was safe so he put all the treasures of the Demon Dynasty that had fought in all directions in it So if you want to go in and get it you have to face a lot of demons Yang Haoxuan is stupefied to this he still does not know the key of Bodhi really is the place of treasure house of demon way Dynasty so

As soon as you count you will find that the key of Bodhi has six sections each of which requires a palace There are countless magic weapons in the palace Of course there plastic pallet manufacturer are also countless demons However these demons have already taken shape In them you can destroy them directly but the effect of those demons is still there You have to be careful because if you want to get the Demon Zun token take advantage of it now Otherwise after going out Ruan Peiyan won't let you take the Demon Zun token quietly Bodhi Lao Zu motioned to point to the key of Bodhi and motioned Yang Haoxuan to go in What's the matter Aren't you the spirit of the key of Bodhi You should be able to let me in any time Yang Haoxuan asks doubtfully he still prepares to understand well first go in again Alas I said so much just now just to let you ask less unnecessary questions In short I am a spirit but I don't have the ability to dominate the key of Bodhi The key of Bodhi is close to a fairy but I can't exert my power On the contrary it's still my burden Otherwise if inaction is not opportunistic how can it shake me Bodhi Lao Zu shook his head and said with a depressed face "You can rest assured that although you don't have a high understanding of'demons' you can say the eight words just now which proves that you have a good talent and you have the strength of Jinxian and you still have the Buddha's appearance which has a dispelling effect on the demons in your heart You just need to go to the sixth floor first and take out the Demon Zun token"

Unexpectedly Bodhi Lao Zu has already said so Yang Haoxuan is also embarrassed to ask what think about their own shield of the other world even if there is any danger inside eighteen seconds enough time for him to escape and display the tornado storm Even the world can break the tornado storm naturally not afraid of his magic weapon! And Bodhi Lao Zu just said that the demons in the key of Bodhi can greatly improve the mind which is also very good As a result probably asked about the situation inside the key of Bodhi Yang Haoxuan plunged into the key of Bodhi Soon Yang Haoxuan came to a deep palace from Ruan Peiyan's space universe plastic pallet bin According to Bodhi Lao Zu this is the first palace mentioned by Bodhi Lao Zu And the demons in the palace are the demons of trouble It is the heart demon that is dizzy and vexed which annoys people's mind and makes them unable to stop It belongs to the most superficial ordinary people have a kind of heart demon Inside the palace all the demons were left by Bodhi Lao Zu and his more than a dozen strong people not Yang Haoxuan's demons so he could break up directly by force but the demons of worry could still play a role and upset him

But Jinxian he will not care and the trouble here is not formed is scattered around the palace by many light balls What really attracted Yang Haoxuan's attention was that the palace floor was filled with many magic weapons all of which stood vertically in the air shining with all kinds of light At a glance the whole palace is full of magic weapons far from the edge and the grades of these magic weapons are actually inferior that is to say there are at least tens of thousands of inferior! "Hiss!" Think of this Yang Haoxuan can not help but gasp no wonder the magic way nine veins so nervous this magic treasure house the original is such a big temptation! I'm afraid there are no tens of thousands of Taoist utensils in the mainland of Tianhe now! It is no wonder that there are many magic weapons for inaction He can't use up the magic weapons here alone Where on earth did this Demon Zun get his magic weapon from fighting in all directions!

Yang Haoxuan couldn't help guessing in his heart Moreover according to Bodhi Lao Zu Wuwei is still able to enter the fourth section of the Palace of the Key of Bodhi and seize the unique Taoist utensils I'm afraid Wuwei's plan is to slowly participate in the Key of Bodhi seize the Demon Zun token and then go back to unify the Nine Veins of the Demon Way Plus the power established in the star universe before Wuwei once successful he will become the overlord of one side unfortunately all this is because Yang Haoxuan died To put it simply the key of Bodhi is a large Arsenal! Yang Haoxuan immediately devoured a plastic pallet supplier suction there are countless inferior Tao into the space the magic weapon of the palace also empty a place Nature also alarmed those troubled demons but with Yang Haoxuan Xiu for can directly ignore continue to plunder the magic weapon Originally Yang Haoxuan was ready to absorb all the lower grades but thinking of the magic weapon of the palace later I'm afraid it's better and more so he stopped and went to the passage of the palace in front of him Long passage faint sound of water continue to listen left and right are rows of strange monster bronze statues mouth flowing down a long trickle of water At the end of the passage

Yang Haoxuan saw a trouble demon that had almost taken shape standing there The formed trouble demon like a rotting fat corpse saw Yang Haoxuan and rushed over Demons are born from the heart and everything is empty! Yang Haoxuan did not dare to be careless directly Jiulong Buddha phase opened immediately this trouble demon is scattered let him realize that these trouble demons are not as powerful as imagined And unexpectedly Yang Haoxuan even gained a little experience although the experience is very little but some inexplicable changes in the mind above feeling very comfortable Soon Yang Haoxuan continued to move forward and came to the second palace There is no difference in the same palace but the magic weapons stored inside are all middle-grade Taoist utensils row by row meticulous The number is a little less than the first floor but at least it is tens of thousands cnplasticpallet.com


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