Runaway bride

Wife Wife! With tears on his face Rong Qinxin's neck stiffened

"My Miner ~ ~" Lin's mother could no longer hold back her tears and her yearning for her husband together with the last wish of Master Lin's death instantly poured out from the wife's heart Tears welled up and soon she was dissatisfied with the vicissitudes of life on her cheeks and her heart looked at her Pity my Miner who has suffered so much! Mother Lin said to herself her face white with wood And these unusual expressions were all collected in the eyes of Lin Zuoyan who was still silent and the doubts in his heart were even stronger Rong Qinxin looked at Lin Mu's crying sad face and immediately reacted I said I was Zhuo Lin's daughter and Zhuo Lin's daughter had died on the mountain road of 14 needle valve Dongqin Mountain They know the Zhuo family Miner's eighteen beautiful girls are like flowers and my son is twenty four years old Nowadays the changes in Shanghai are eye-popping but I also have a force that can protect Miner I hope you can rest assured Min Zhuo Miner Shanghai power! Does the power refer to the Lin family Is this the woman of the Shanghai family who wrote the letter to Zhuo Lin That's not a coincidence!!! My God! I'm not good at lying down

I'm lying down in this house! Is it because I picked up your dead things let me be entangled with this Zhuo all my life! Oh my God I'm just going to die Miner! Looking at Rong Qinxin without a word not only did he not have a happy atmosphere but he showed a random and novel expression Mother Lin was greatly puzzled Rong Qinxin straightened his head to cry and looked at the woman in front of him No now that I'm not I'm sure I'll be beaten to death or maimed She stole a glance at Lin Zuoyan who had a handsome face next to her and felt a little shabby in her heart Rong Qinxin! Throw caution to the wind and make the lie complete! In a twinkling of an eye the tearful eyes of Shanglin's mother suddenly softened Rong Qinxin's expression which was very different from the previous

Leng Mu Tears gushed from her eyes crystal clear She looked at Lin Mu tenderly as if grasping a life-saving straw She raised her trembling left hand grasped the palm of the forbidden lady and her eyebrows trembled and choked Aunt Lin ~ ~ "She cried with tears 38 needle valve in her eyes" A look at the tears Lin mother is more sad "Miner ah!"! Min! I was so scared My poor child Lin Mu then thought that Qin Xin must have been frightened and did not know how to reflect and for a time the heartache spread even more The two women hugged each other and wept and Rong Qinxin's instantaneous expression changed so that Lin Zuoyan's tea which had just taken a mouthful of jasmine tea spurted out How can this woman's expression change so fast Is she acting "Mother Lin pressed her head against her chest and gently stroked her hair" Not afraid Miner is not afraid there will be me in the future and Yaner when you choose a good day I will marry you in In the future the family will no longer have to worry about fear Yan'er must find out the murderer who killed your whole family and he won't spare them!

Wife Wife! With tears on his face Rong Qinxin's neck stiffened and suddenly he realized something and his face was stiff [Text Chapter 14 Lost Days] The branches of the peach trees outside the door are publicized and the brilliant peach blossoms are amazing In such a season the falling red is overwhelming ball valve manufacturer flying between Rong Qinxin's eyebrows Qinxin patted a fragrant flower on the tip of his nose and his eyes were somewhat melancholy Then he looked up at the gentle sunshine and cast his eyes on an ethereal place She was thinking about her hometown Miss Zhuo Not far away a light call disturbed the heart of the random thoughts The girl who helped Qinxin to bathe that day and another woman came over Qin Xin turned his head and looked at them Xiaodong what's the matter "Miss Zhuo I brought you someone" Xiaodong was the servant girl of that day In the past few days she was ordered to serve Qinxin regardless of food clothing transportation and shelter Unfortunately such care is torture for Rong Qinxin who has been independent for many years The woman stood forward and smiled at

Rong Qinxin The woman was also dressed as a maid but she did not look like Xiaodong's neat bangs Although she also combed the long clear braid she had a yellow hairpin on her left ear which was divided into golden sections The woman's thin eyebrows and big eyes are like flowing water The face is red tender and pink and the beauty is about to drop Miss Zhuo my name is Xiao Nu She grinned so attractively "I was my wife's maid but my wife cherished Miss Zhuo's unfortunate experience" I also feel that the little slave is considerate and decent so let me serve you Miss Zhuo When Rong Qinxin saw such a beautiful woman he felt that the Lin family was really hiding dragons and crouching tigers and that such beautiful women were all servants But when you listen carefully to this sentence the words "unfortunate encounter" seem particularly harsh "Thank you very much Aunt Lin Isn't it all right for Xiaodong to accompany me" "How is that the same" As soon as the little slave called his eyebrows and eyes stirred Xiaodong is just a new girl and can not accompany people like Miss Zhuo "Miss Zhuo is tomorrow's young grandmother of the Lin family the future mistress" Female master three characters each section is clear just like a broken bamboo When Xiaodong heard this he nodded repeatedly It's like this Miss Zhuo Xiaodong has been very proud to serve Miss these days Rong Qinxin narrowed his eyes and looked at

Xiao Nu's colorful expression Literally it was a bone spur in her throat but she said it with a self-righteous look Is she covering up or is she oversensitive She felt that the little slave had no kindness to her Looking at the silent Rong Qinxin the woman pulled her sleeve Miss Zhuo doesn't like the little slave Don't you want the little slave to accompany you The woman shriveled her mouth It was so cute No no Qin Xin bone a crisp hurriedly shook his head It's too late to be happy that such a beautiful woman as Xiao Nu is accompanying me "The little slave will stay in the future and he will serve the young lady well" The little slave clasped his hands and jumped for joy From time to time she turned to Xiaodong and said "Xiaodong will go down It's none of your business in the future" His tone was cold and arrogant as if he were the master Xiaodong smiled innocently nodded his head and went down What kind of age is this The class concept is still deeply rooted The master is high above the masses but the girl is also divided into three or five or nine classes


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