Cherry Blossom Ghost

My name is Chang Xiaojun and I am Xu Chuan's roommate One night a group

My name is Chang Xiaojun and I am Xu Chuan's roommate One night a group of five of us from the dormitory came back from a night talk with our brothers At that time it was more than 11 o'clock Xiaowu was obviously drunk and shouted loudly all the way Remembering that the crazy female doctor had died on this road I could not help but feel cold all over my body so I advised him "Xiaowu be quiet" The female doctor Without waiting for me to finish Xiaowu pushed me away and shouted 'What kind of man is so timid That crazy bitch deserves to die! '

I was too frightened to say anything more In order to show his boldness Xiaowu deliberately raised his tone and put his footsteps down I always felt that it was not very appropriate and I just wanted to stop it again but it was too late Then I thought that if I had tried to stop him it wouldn't have happened Speaking of this Chang Xiaojun could not help bowing his head Chapter II After calming down a little Chang Xiaojun went on to say "I was just side impact door beams about to open my mouth when I saw Xiaowu jumping up with his head in his arms and shouting 'It hurts!"! I don't want to listen! ' I was so frightened that I hugged him and shouted 'Xiaowu Xiaowu how are you Are you all right ' Next to the three students showed fear one of them boldly came forward to help me hold Xiaowu Xiaowu just desperately struggling two hands tightly pressed the temple shouting the same two sentences 'Good pain! I don't want to listen! ' Have a classmate extremely frightened ground to cry 'Not good! He must have offended the female doctor! He went crazy just like the female doctor went crazy that day! '

I heard goose bumps all over my body and the bold man shouted' Don't talk nonsense! ' The man trembled all over and said 'I I'm not talking nonsense really It's really the same! ' I felt a chill all over my body Before I could react to what was going on Xiaowu's body had gradually softened When I looked down in fright I saw blood gushing from Xiaowu's eyes nose and ears His whole body was blue as if he had been poisoned His face showed a twisted and painful expression "I was so flustered that I suddenly remembered Xu Chuanhui's magic and looked at him only to find that he was standing far away and had no intention of coming up to look at him" I really didn't expect him to be such an independent person I put up with it and said to him 'Xu Chuan what's the matter' He looked as if he was restless He slowly swept Xiaowu's body with a strange look of fear He hesitated and said 'I Is he poisoned ' I couldn't bear it any longer and shouted 'If you don't come up and have a look how do you know he was poisoned There are no poisonous plants here How could he be poisoned But Xu Chuan stood there and refused to move 'No need to look' he said 'He's poisoned by corpses He's very contagious Don't hold him either' The bold man was so frightened that he let go of Xiaowu I was so angry that I turned away from talking to him Holding Xiaowu in my arms side impact beams I called his name desperately and shouted for help everywhere but no one came It was no wonder that there were few people walking on this road let alone so late

Just when I had lost my mind and was not responding every day Xiaowu suddenly woke up and hugged me tightly His face showed a very unwilling and aggrieved look He cried to me 'Brother! Elder Brother! Elder Brother Brother!!! ~~~~~' Then Xu Chuan suddenly jumped up with an arrow and asked 'What do you mean' I pushed him away and said 'It's none of your business!' I boldly shook Xiaowu forcefully and said 'Xiaowu wake up! I'm not your brother! What brother do you have ' At this time Xiaowu's face suddenly turned blue and looked very terrible He shouted louder and harder than before 'Brother! Elder Brother Elder Brother Brother! Brother!!! ' At that moment I suddenly remembered that horrible'Brother Road 'legend the original legend has always been true Xu Chuan has been deceiving us! My whole body trembled and my hair was so creepy that

I couldn't help kneeling around and crying 'Doctor let Xiaowu go and I'll help you find your lover brother!' Inadvertently I caught a glimpse of Xu Chuan standing there in a daze tears as big as beans sliding slowly from his cheeks I thought he had finally found his conscience but he was still standing still At this aluminium coated steel tube time Xiaowu in his arms quieted down and did not shout any more Somehow I saw his eyes filled with complete despair Did he already know that he would die soon He gasped for breath then struggling desperately he stood up stretched out his hand and pointed straight at the mossy path on one side With all his last strength he uttered a mournful cry 'Brother!!!' I often shiver all over when I think of that cry At that time I felt my hair standing up all over my body because that path was the path where the body of the female doctor was dragged away in the legend of "Brother Road" The female doctor finally refused to let him go and finally left him only to hear Xu Chuan sigh faintly beside him 'Everything is over' I felt a sharp pain in my heart and fainted Later when I woke up I realized that the other two people had died and the cold-blooded animal had gone mad As soon as Chang Xiaojun finished narrating He Jianfei hurriedly asked "What are the characteristics of the moss path" Did you go in and see it Chang Xiaojun said "I dare not go in Another legend about a female doctor on campus dragged her down She was not dead yet Large areas of blood were spilled on the road That was the curse she left on the world" She was dragged to death He Jianfei also felt creepy hurriedly changed the subject "During the whole process what unusual behavior did Xu Chuan have" "Yes" said Chang Xiaojun "When I started to persuade Xiaowu he kept looking at his watch I think he's in a hurry "Look at your watch" said He Jianfei How many times did he watch it Chang Xiaojun said "More than ten or twenty times Who has time to count it" He Jianfei asked "Do you have a long interval" Chang Xiaojun looked at He Jianfei coldly and said lightly "Why are you so concerned about him" Just because you're all callous and magical I'm not very interested in his affairs and I can't remember them 。


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