Satan's Entangled Love: Little Wife Is Pure

"Jiang Cheng when I was willing to give you money it was really for the sake of me and you which

"Jiang Cheng when I was willing to give you money it was really for the sake of me and you which was a whole two years together" That share of the money even between you and me is a funeral and now we are finished You have done so many things that you are sorry for me Even in those years you found some hooligans to play a hero to save the United States with you So cheat me these I will not care as long as you roll as long as you promise will not come to me again One by one count out every ugly thing that Jiangcheng has done Jiang Cheng's face although therefore appears a little ugly but after all is the matter which oneself has done he also cannot deny So it was only his face that was ugly for a moment but he returned to normal and became more rogue Well not bad finally should know also knew then Ling Mu language I believe you also should be clear What did I set you up for I wasted two years on you but only this time I got eight million from you Don't you think it's a little too little

Want me to get plastic pallet bins off your back Then you can as long as you take out another ten million I took the money immediately disappeared in front of your eyes will never appear again Men are sometimes greedy and terrible Obviously just still in the proposal say what to look for Gong Tuo Ye take 5 million break-up fee but listen now but suddenly turned into 10 million Ling Mu language funny looking at Jiangcheng his face is full of contempt what does he think she is A bank Or make money "Jiangcheng do you know it's already evening" "So what" Chewing Ling Mu language suddenly said this sentence Jiangcheng for a time really do not know she said the meaning of this sentence But Ling Muyu was not stingy and immediately solved his doubts Since you already know it's night do you know that it's not a good time to daydream Ten million Don't say I don't have ten million yuan even if I do but remember even if it's a thousand yuan I won't give it to you again

Be sensible and get out of here immediately This man is so cheap that he has no backbone at all Talking to him any more is just a waste of time A stomachache A precursor to miscarriage This man is so cheap that he has no backbone at all Talking to him any more is just a waste of time So she really didn't think it was necessary for her to talk to this guy any more Fuck off Sorry I haven't learned this yet You can let me go but I don't see the money That's impossible! Two people's faces is also torn Jiangcheng also felt that he did not need to play any good man's play collapsible bulk containers So simply the whole person got up and walked into Ling Muyu's bathroom Oh by the way I haven't had a good bath for many days Now I'll take a bath first When I finish we'll have a good talk “…… Go away!

Get out of here! Isn't it natural for me to be here with you Say roll I haven't learned yet! Said Jiangcheng also regardless of their bathroom door is not closed directly take off their clothes Ling Muyu was almost angry to death by him And today is also really have by the river city gas to so the lower abdomen there also just constantly came a burst of tingling She was too frightened to get angry again and no matter how angry she was she could only force her And after hearing the sound of water coming from the bathroom she couldn't stand it any longer and went over and locked the bathroom door Then in Jiangcheng when she really regarded this place as her home she could not bear it any more and called the security guard downstairs directly with the phone on the closed-circuit surveillance How do you do things How can you let a mess of people come up She was not polite at all and shouted directly at the community security guard who answered the phone! The pain in her stomach made her frown and lose patience

“…… Miss what's the matter "What's the matter" What else Is that how irresponsible you are Not far from my house there should be surveillance right Then please take a quick look was it just when I opened the door There's a burglar collapsible pallet bin hiding here breaking in damn it you come up now catch the burglar I'll lock him in the bathroom! If you come up late and my life is threatened I warn you that you will also have bad luck! Yes yes miss We'll be right up! Nima it was night time so the security guards could not help but start to be lazy and take a nap But how did they know that someone had sneaked into the apartment during such a nap Now that the owners have called down then where is the management Is it necessary to look at the monitoring Immediately there was a security guard with an electric baton quickly rushed to the floor where Ling Muyu was

And Jiangcheng nature is how is did not think of oneself unexpectedly will be Ling Muyu shut in inside the bathroom so very natural very funny scene so happened! When the security guard rushed up with the cooperation of Ling Muyu grabbed the bathroom inside Jiangcheng Jiangcheng also Cough naked/naked/naked the whole body is full of water and it seems that for a while it has not been reflected in the end what happened in front of us Wait until he takes a few minutes to reflect what's going on How could he be my boyfriend Wait until he takes a few minutes to reflect what's going on The security guard was already going to drive him to the police and police station Let go let go! "Let go" How can you let you go so easily when you break into people's houses like this Come with us to the police station Security psychological face in fact nature is also afraid Ling Mu language to the property management company there to report their laziness


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