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What is she doing now Photographers in this industry is not easy to do our class

What is she doing now Photographers in this industry is not easy to do our class now engaged in this industry do not know how many even if still doing it is estimated that they are not doing well "I don't know I haven't paid attention to this circle for a long time" "Me too" This group of girls came late and naturally did not know the conversation between Mingshu and He Ru before Xiaoxu do you know Wei Xu hasn't graduated yet and she's studying photography She should be clear about the information in this circle Looks like a freelance plastic pallet suppliers photographer Wei Xu said "Senior sister is so powerful If she wants to do something she must have no problem" "Freelance photographers are freelancers at best and unemployed at worst" The boy at the next table turned sideways and said "You girls are fine Like us the family wants you to have a stable job No matter how good your dream was at the beginning it is now smoothed by life" I guess everyone felt the same way and began to complain about their recent life

Wei Xu did not notice when Mingshu left and when everyone left Wei Xu went upstairs with Su Nanfeng Su Nanfeng lives on the second floor and she lives on the third floor Su Nanfeng what did you talk about with your senior sister just now Wei Xu asked carefully Nothing The wind returns in southern Jiangsu Know that Su Nanfeng is such a character but Wei Xu is still a little aggrieved she somehow followed him for so long recently he is also very hard how he refused to look at himself Are you not good enough Seeing the second floor arrived Wei Xu could not find any topic she bit her lip "" See you tomorrow "Mmm" Wei Xu watched Su Nanfeng disappear at the end of the corridor and she turned and went upstairs What do you want from me Wei Xu took a step and the next moment she took a light step walked up the stairs and looked over there carefully It's nothing I haven't seen you for so many years Why don't you welcome me to catch up with you Wei Xu has something strange in his heart what those people said just now is true Jiang Qiao really and this Zhao Childe Wei Xu originally wanted to continue listening but someone came below she could only hurriedly run down two steps and then deliberately step on the sound up

When she finished the stairs she looked up and saw Mingshu with his hands around his chest leaning against the door frame and the Zhao Childe disappeared —— The next day Everyone wants to enter the Peach Blossom Valley at least they are all studying photography and they have brought their own cameras All the way in the boys are patting the girls Xue Hang kept in mind his tutor's instructions and took Su Nanfeng with him to answer some questions Jiang Qiao your still life shooting is better than mine Will you take a picture for them Xue Hang suddenly called Ming Shu Mingshu was holding a peach blossom to think about whether it could be eaten When she heard Xue Hang calling herself she withdrew her hand and put it in her coat pocket "Why should I do what the tutor gave you" Waste of energy do not do Xue Hang also found that this was more difficult to get along with than before but did not give him face in front of the junior Xue Hang was also a little embarrassed "You just take a picture you can not delay for a long time" "I don't want to shoot"

Mingshu has a bright smile ……” "You can play by yourself I won't play with you drum spill pallet " I have to go to find Wei Xula hate value Just now Su Nanfeng and Wei Xu disappeared Mingshu went into the peach blossom forest and the pink peach blossoms covered her figure [Side quest Get the Jijin hate value] Mingshu What the hell She and Ji Jin are a million miles apart and now she is on a mission Did you watch the leprechaun fight and see the crash Hidden task You see if I shoot or not Prompt Refuse more than ten celebrities to shoot the celebrity range is determined by the system] Mingshu "… …" What kind of mission is this Do you want me to take a picture Do you have to judge whether it is a celebrity Make me happy "The harmony number finished the mission and then hid and Mingshu wanted to argue with it" Xiaoxu you take a really good picture Suddenly hearing the sound she looked at the side of the peach blossom forest There were several people standing on the path covered by the flower branches

Wei Xu stood in the middle Xiaoxu your still life shooting is no worse than Jiang Qiao's "No no sister Jiang Qiao is the direction of my efforts" Wei Xu is very modest Mingshu "… …" Do not try to me I am afraid to hold snacks Recently Wei Xu's golden finger unlocked a new function that is when facing a certain scenery she can also take a very beautiful picture This somewhere is quite large and there is no rigid rule that it must be the same place Xiaoxu would you like to take a picture for me "Ah" I can't I can't I can't take a good portrait Where does Wei Xu dare to promise unless the person she photographed also stood in this range and was photographed "Well" After all they are not very familiar with each other and they dare not ask too much Chapter 733 Master

Photographer (10) While Wei Xu was separated from them Mingshu dragged her to the depths of peach blossoms for a teaching of love Wei Xu was confused all the way and she didn't come to her senses until Mingshu ran away She was beaten She was beaten by Jiang Qiao She What's wrong with you Beating collapsible pallet box people for no reason! It hurts —— Mingshu finished beating people washing his hands in the bathroom a figure suddenly appeared on the mirror the man covered very tightly almost ran in This kind of person is suspicious at first sight Think if you cover it up no one will know you Mingshu also wondered how the Harmony could send a mission across a million miles and the emotion was also here Ji Jin also saw Ming Shu and his eyes under his sunglasses widened slightly In front in front "

Husband wait for us!" In the peach blossom forest in the distance a group of people could be seen coming towards this side and the number looked a little terrible Ji Jin seemed to be frightened covering himself with his hands and lifting his feet to the toilet "Even if you hide in they dare to go in and pull you out" Mingshu said faintly "Tomorrow's headline may be that a big coffee was molested by fans in the toilet" As a star who is deeply poisoned by fans Ji Jin feels that there is nothing wrong with Mingshu's words But here he has no place to hide except the toilet Mingshu smiled very kindly "There is a cubicle behind the toilet door where the cleaners put their tools You're welcome" 。 binpallet.com


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