A Record of Crossing the Village Door

After a long time Li Xiaohe felt that his mood had calmed down a little before he dared to look at the opposite teenager again

After a long time Li Xiaohe felt that his mood had calmed down a little before he dared to look at the opposite teenager again I saw that the opposite of the young people actually in the good eyes looking at themselves the original eyes of the perturbed at this time has turned into a little smile with the gentle Li Xiaohe felt as if he had been seen clearly by the teenager He stared and said ferociously "What are you doing" "No" Tan Yan was startled a conditioned reflex to answer and when he reacted the little smile turned into a happy smile at the corners of his mouth Xia Shi held Ah Sang by his side and did not let him disturb the two people standing on the edge of the small courtyard From DIN screw plug time to time she stretched out her neck to look at the two people and saw that they were still a little embarrassed at first but it wasn't long before they started chatting again and Xia felt that she was going to be busy again!

Li Xiaohe sat in front of his small dressing table biting his lips unconsciously pulling his hair accidentally exerting too much force pulling himself in pain and then came to his senses As soon as I looked up I saw the girl with crimson cheeks in the bronze mirror that was not very clear Li Xiaohe touched his face so hot! What's wrong with you Incorrect! Could it be that he was like this when he just talked to Tan Yan The boy didn't think he liked him did he No wonder he smiled so proudly just now! "Oh!" Li Xiaohe held his head and lay on the dressing table regretting not to fall Why are you blushing You are still a minor and you are an aunt who is nearly 40 years old! What are you blushing about Li Xiaohe scolded himself to himself "wearing the skin of a girl you really became a little girl!"! Why are you blushing There seems to be two people fighting in Li Xiaohe's heart one is a rational aunt the other is an emotional girl So what now The teenager thought you had a crush on him What should you do What to do Do you really want to fall in love with a minor The sensible aunt despised However the teenager wants to like you very much just his eyes Lori braved the star eyes "I have never seen such gentle and clear eyes he looked at me alone" "That's a minor boy Hurry up and control your evil hand!"

Aunt ferociously tunnel A minor here can be a father and a mother I just want to fall in love and break the law! "Fart of love!"! It's a direct marriage here! "Then I would like to" "Bah!"! Bah! Bah! Li Xiaohe pulled his hair irritably Could it be that he was thinking Is it spring ? My heart is beating faster in front of a minor! Hey The more I live the more I go back! Li Xiaohe himself had not yet come out with one two three and in the evening he welcomed his father's heart-to-heart talk Xiao He your mother told you You see the Tan family is very sincere What do you think of Tan Yan Li Donglin came straight to the point and asked Li Xiaohe Li Xiaohe was so obsessed with the matter of the wretched aunt falling in love with the teenager that he completely forgot that it was a matter between two families Listen to Li Donglin to say so now turn a corner to come the heart is horizontal not be the teenager that I go to flirt with car radiator cap this is the kiss that somebody else's family mentions first why do I spit on my old cow to gnaw tender grass!

Since others are willing I am not afraid! It's just that Li Donglin asked so bluntly that Li Xiaohe had no chance to pretend to be shy She does not know whether to laugh or cry tunnel "Father at that time you and Niang also ask elder sister so" Li Donglin said with a smile "How can your sister have so many things to do with you" At that time after seeing the people from the Zhou family your sister didn't say anything about it She listened to me and your mother Unlike your sister you stay at home all the time and you don't have much experience At least you've been in the shop for a few days You should have your own opinions Your parents also depend on you! As Li Donglin spoke he made fun of Li Xiaohe Dad you weren't like this before! Li Xiaohe muttered in a low voice Li Donglin didn't hear Li Xiaohe's mumbling and he didn't care He said directly "I heard your mother say that you were talking to Tan Yan That boy is honest I think you won't have any problems"

Dad will you discuss your engagement with the Tan family "Huh" Is it too hasty Dad isn't that a bad idea Li Xiaohe hesitated again Li Donglin laughed "it's just an engagement not to let you marry tomorrow how can it be urgent" Even if our family agrees now there will be a lot of things at the end of the year and we will have to wait until next year at least! What's wrong with that Li Donglin also no longer said more with Li Xiaohe dropped a sentence "Well these things have your mother you continue to do your flower sauce at home!"! You don't have to worry about it Li Donglin is right

It will be next year when we get engaged As soon as the Tan family heard what the Li family said they immediately invited a matchmaker to propose marriage and changed the eight characters but the two families agreed to have a small wedding in February next year The Tan family's quick and solemn attitude made Xia and Li Donglin very satisfied which showed that the Tan family was very satisfied with the marriage Magnetic Drain Plug and attached great importance to Li Xiaohe Although Xia Shi now has to worry about the affairs of his two daughters he is very busy but he is still happy all day and his spirits are high I can't help it People are in high spirits when they meet happy events! At the end of the year Xia Shi enthusiastically discussed with Li Xiaohe what he wanted to buy to take back to his hometown Although I have settled down in Ping'an Town I will not change when I go home for the Spring Festival Even those who settled down in Baishui Town and had already separated had to come back not to mention Li Donglin's family During the Chinese New Year last year Li Donglin and Xia Shi were busy with the shop and had no time to have a good rest This year they will take advantage of the closing of the market to have a good rest The foundation of the Li family in Ping'an Town is hot pot Of course Xia will not forget this This year we must make a good pot of hot pot for everyone at home Seriously speaking the Li family has not eaten hot pot together yet! Xia was busy on the stove Sun was cutting vegetables on the chopping board and the two sisters-in-law were talking about their parents as before but this time Xia was talking and Sun was listening autoparts-dx.com


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