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Taking out his credit card with a long string of zeros Li Jingyuan made a direct sweep in the store whether it was a

Taking out his credit card with a long string of zeros Li Jingyuan made a direct sweep in the store whether it was a limited edition or a collector's edition as long as he could see it he came to a pot end because the number of purchases was so large that the clerks were a little surprised that they had not seen the crazy otaku But there are not many people like Li Jingyuan who spend so much money to buy models and hands at one time After paying by credit card Li Jingyuan directly filled out the address and gave it to the shop assistant so that they could send the things they bought directly to their homes By the way he also got a VIP card With this card Li Jingyuan would have the priority to Investment casting parts order all kinds of precious products produced by Shouwu Company After sweeping a shop Li Jingyuan still had some unfinished business Because although there are many models in Shouwu one of his favorite series is missing that is the famous Gundam series How to say that Li Jingyuan is also a man for the love of war weapons is the same is not there such a sentence-is a man to open Zagu Li Jingyuan is also very obsessed with Gundam so since he has bought so many models he must not miss the series of Gundam The agent of the Gundam series model is Bandai which is as famous as shouya

It doesn't matter if Li Jingyuan doesn't know the way He directly pulls a'strange man 'wearing a military uniform in the Gundam animation on the side of the road and asks him So soon the sweeping man comes to Bandai's shop Compared with the models of Shouya Bandai has more popular products Besides the Gundam series there are Saint series One Piece series Evangelion series and other famous models So Li Jingyuan was even happier after he came here Still the same sweep Li Jingyuan took the model he liked here and spent tens of millions of yen directly After swiping his card he was not completely satisfied but directly took a fancy to another person's non-sale goods This thing is also a model but the volume is relatively large and it belongs to a large model This is a famous airframe in the Gundam series which comes from the ace machine in the early works the Red Comet Shaya's plane-the three-speed Red Horn (Shaya's special Zagu 2) Boss sell this to me too

I'll pay more I like this body too much It's a man's extreme "The more Li Jingyuan looked at it the more he liked it" I can't sell it I haven't finished it yet I won't be inspired if I sell it Without waiting for the shopkeeper to answer die casting parts a voice came from one side which sounded a little old so Li Jingyuan turned his head curiously and took a look ―――――――――――――― Don't throw up on me I wrote this for a purpose Although I like the model very much it's not entirely to satisfy my personal preferences The status of anime in Japan is also very high so I'm going to let the protagonist reach out from here first [Text Section 106 Old Man Tomino] Li Jingyuan looked to one side along the source of the voice only to see a middle-aged man in his fifties standing about five meters away from him with a bright forehead with a pair of gentle eyes staring at Li Jingyuan from his eyes also showed a bad look And you are Li Jingyuan originally very good mood let this person's appearance make a little bad so the tone of the question is not very good Originally in Japan also attaches great importance to social etiquette but Li Jingyuan is not Japanese and he personally has no good impression of Japanese men so he did not care about this point

This is Master Tomino known as the father of Gundam Master Tomino Yuki The store manager standing on one side saw that the current situation did not seem quite right and hurriedly stood up to smooth things over One side was the gold owner who spent a lot of money and the other side was the source of his own food in this store So if the two sides started to make trouble no matter who won it would not be good for him Tomino Yuki I seem to have heard the name somewhere but I don't remember it You said he was the father of Gundam In fact Li Jingyuan still knows such a person because he likes the animation of Gundam series

In the Gundam series of animation whether it is mechanical settings or plot arrangements it is a first-class standard especially the anti-war propaganda that is always revealed in this animation which is very appetizing to him so in die casting parts his previous life he also had the leisure to look at the list of the creators of this work which is to know the names of some of the people inside It is no exaggeration to say that Yuki Tomino is the father of Gundam Although the earliest "Mobile Suit Gundam" was not created by him from 1985 he began to play the leading role produced the sequel of "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" and then successively produced the later "Zz Gundar" "Xia Ya of Counterattack" "Gundam F91" and "V Gundar"

"Turn-a Gundam" and other classic Gundam series of animation It has raised the value of the whole Gundam animation series to an incredible level The reverberations caused by Gundam are incalculable In addition to influencing many latecomers and changing the form of dramas in the industry the sensation at that time was regarded as a social phenomenon beyond "Space Battleship Yamato" activities such as the New Century Animation Manifesto which was dominated by young fans and the popularity and creation of many new media such as animation out and newtype; It can be said that the voices of animation fans who had been hiding under the surface of the water burst out in one breath with Gundam Tomino himself later said "It was as if he had almost become a godfather at that time" Now he has left many records of that time which shows the degree of attention and fanaticism at that time


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