3 Songs That Helped Rema Remain Relevant In The Music Industry

Rema is gradually becoming a household name in the music industry, but what has helped him maintain his relevance in the music industry?

Rema came into the music industry as a teenager and even in his early twenties, he remains one of the youngest and most successful musicians in the entertainment industry. We are going to briefly discuss three songs that blew up Rema's career and helped him to remain relevant.

1 Dumebi: This was Rema's first hit song which was released about three years ago. The song sounded very upbeat and appealed to a wide range of audiences which varied from teenagers to adults. This helped him to build a huge and diversified fan base that is growing till date.

2 Woman: Shortly after Rema released Dumebi and a few other songs, he went on to release a song titled Woman. This song showed Rema's transition from a teenage boy to a young adult. In this song, he expressed his love for women which was a really bold step for him. By releasing this song, Rema changed the narrative of a hippy teenage boy which he was described as. Now, people can relate to him as a fully grown man. This song was also hugely successful and it increased his relevance in the music industry.

3 Peace of mind: Rema proved to his fans that he knows how to switch up his style when he released this song. Unlike most of his songs, Peace of mind was more melancholic and it contained a deeper meaning which a lot of people connected with. People were able to see and appreciate Rema in a different light. This song proved to people just how relevant Rema is in the music world.

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