Why Nigeria Need A Young President In 2023

Nigerians should stop recycling the same set of people to rule us, we need change

The 2023 election is around the corner and some politicians are already declaring their interest in becoming the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In this article, we are going to look at few reasons why Nigeria needs a young president to takeover the seat of power.

For a long time It seems like Nigeria has been recycling the same set of people to govern the Nation's affaies and that is why change is almost impossible, the truth is that "you can't teach old dog a new trick" . A young president will come with new set of ideas that might change the country for the better.

Even the Former Military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) agrees with this idea because according to the Nation Newspaper, he showed support to a 40-year-old APC presidential Aspirant Adamu Garba, when he visited IBB in Minna Niger state.

Everything in the world is changing at a very fast rate and we need the guidance of a younger, intelligent and flexible person to be able to meet up with the modern trends in governance.

In Nigeria, there are some areas in leadership, technology, society and many others that needs improvement, this can only be achieved by somebody that is up to date in these trends.

In conclusion, every voting Nigerian should think long and hard before casting their vote for any candidate because times are changing and Nigeria shouldn't be stuck in one place for anther 4 years.


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