6 Classic Things That Guys Can Wear To Attract Mature Women

There are some clothing items that mature women are attracted to

The trend of these days make many young guys look almost the same, but there are some clothes or items some mature and classy ladies love seeing on men, without much delay let us get right into them.


1) Suits

When it comes to suits, not just any suit will do, they have to fit the body perfectly. The reason for suit being on the list is because these attires makes guys look grown, like a boss or a young CEO, it gives that elegant and uniqueness to your style because most young guys are not wearing suits.


2) Classy watch

Simple items like watches are slowly evolving into something for the elite men because of how few young guys are wearing it these days, it makes them stand out.


3) A Good Cologne

It will be quite unreasonable to look good from afar and then smell bad when you are close. Most women can not stand the smell of bad body odour. Getting a good Cologne will make guys smell as good as they look.


4) Fitted White T-shirts

This must sound very basic to some people but young guys that knows how to wear these piece of clothing can attest to how it makes them feel and especially how girls admires them. The white T-shirt can be tuck in and worn with a suit trouser to add that extra classiness to the outfit.

5) Moisturizer

Some guys just get out of the shower and the next thing, they are wearing clothes, these will make them look ashy. Only few guys take care of their skin as good as women, Guys that uses Moisturizer will have extra points.


6) Rolled up sleeve

Some women have revealed that rolled up sleeve makes them feel like the wearer isn't afraid of hardwork, this look also shows off the arms which they find very attractive.



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