4 Funniest Child Comedians In Nigeria

The Nigerian Entertainment industry is not only for Adult, some children are also doing big things

Nigerian is full of talented comedians and skit makers, in recent years, there have been so many new comedic talents that have been introduced to the Nigerian entertainment industry. However children have not been left out, some child comedians have come out to display their talent for people to see.

In this article, we are going to be looking at 4 funny child comedians that we have in Nigeria.


1) Emmanuella

This would not come as a surprise to most readers, she is probably the most popular child actress and comedian we have in the country.

Most of Emmanuella's comedy skits under Mark Angel has brought so much laughter and joy to people, that is why she deserves to be on this list.


2) Kiriku

He is a fast rising child comedian and Instagram sensation, his skits are so funny and some fans say his action while playing his funny character is entertaining to watch.

Kiriku hails from the Edo state and he has done collaboration with popular Nigerian Skit Makers such as cute Abiola and Mr Pencil, he is one of the fast rising stars of comedy.


3) Tope

Tope or intelligent Tope as he is mostly called is a very popular child comedian, his Instagram skits are quite entertaining to watch.

The brilliant and energetic way he plays his role, makes him deserve a spot on this list.


4) Success

Most people would agree that success is a very funny little child, she mostly plays mischievous roles in the comedy skits she does under the tutelage of Mark Angel.


Her fun personality makes her one of the most beloved and funniest Nigerian child comedian.


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