How to Install WhatsApp Messenger on Android Devices: 9 Step-by-Step Approach to Get You Started

WhatsApp is an app owned by Facebook and is available to install in smartphones. It a free app.

This post is focused on the steps you need to have WhatsApp install on your Android device, including Samsung, LG, Sunny, Pixel Go, etc.

Please note that it is necessary to back up your chats, including media, if you wish, when moving from one device to another. Doing so will make it possible to see the history of your chats with people and also ensure you do not loose any data in from the old device.

Let's get started!

  • Click and open the Google play store on any Android device., such as phones and tablets.


  • Use the search icon on display at the top of the screen, type in WhatsApp and click search. This is a faster way to locate the app than scrolling through the thousands of apps on the store.


  • Once you have located the app, click on the download option that opens . Allow the app to download and install on the phone.


  • After installation, click and open the app, review the Terms and Conditions of use, and the Privacy policy, tap Agree, and continue with set up.


  • In the next screen that opens, select your country from the drop-down options and add the dialing code. For example, the USA code is +1, while that of the UK is +44. So, input your country code. Most times, the system automatically picks that for you, especially if there is SIM card on such a device.


  • Then, type your mobile phone number using the international phone number format. Tap done and continue. Please note that with you country code already detected, you do not need to dial in the international phone number format.


  • A 6 digit code will be sent to you to verify you are the owner of the number you just typed in. In most cases, you don’t have to key in the code as the system automatically picks the code to the registration, especially if the number is already inserted on the phone. 


  • The next screen that opens will require you to set up your profile, comprising the name you want the public to see and an optional photo. Click next.


  • Tap “allow access to contacts.” This is to enable WhatsApp to have access to your contact list for ease of communication. You can also allow access to your photos, videos, and files.


Done! You can start a chat and continue from there.


WhatsApp works very well with Android and other operating systems. The exciting part of this app is you don’t have to pay any fees to any mobile SIM carrier for both local and international calls. As long as you have data on your line, you can make WhatsApp calls to anybody.

Kindly note that the person you chat with or call using the WhatsApp app must have the app installed on their phones to communicate between you to work.

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