Shaibu Manipulated Youth Council Poll For Selfish Reasons, Says Obaseki

The feud between the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, and his Deputy, Philip Shaibu, does not appear to be coming to an end any time soon. Over the weekend, the Governor accused his Deputy of manipulating the election of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Edo State Chapter, to in

At the commemoration of International Youth Day with youths at the Youth House in Benin City, Obaseki said that he needed to apologize on behalf of his deputy. He was addressing during the event.

It is important to keep in mind that the appearance of the immediate-past executive committee of the Edo State chapter of the NYCN created controversy among youth groups in the state. Numerous interest groups inside the state criticized the imposition of persons on the organization and its organs. After that, Obaseki called for new elections and disbanded the executive council in an effort to bring sanity and order back to the council.

Obaseki added that Shaibu worked behind him in an attempt to further his desire through the youth council. He made this statement while speaking over the weekend. He then went on to say, "I want to apologize over the unfortunate incident that happened with the election for the Youth Council." It was done without my permission or understanding of what was going on.

"As you can see now, the reason why my deputy governor influenced your election is because he had political ambition and thought he could control and use the council to achieve his political aims. He wanted to be governor, and he thought he could control and use the council to get where he wanted to go politically. I ask that you accept my apology. Moving forward, you will have an election that is independent, well-organized, and well-covered by the media.

Betsy Obaseki, the wife of the governor, paid tribute to the young people by saying, "You are the ones we are looking up to. This is the reason why we are becoming involved in your life and the goings-on of your business and why we are here to support you. We have high hopes for what you can do, and we are certain that you will not let us down.

In the meantime, there are rumors circulating that the government of Edo State is nearing completion of their preparations to begin renovating the office of the deputy governor. The refurbishment, which is set to begin this week, will make it hard for Shaibu to continue conducting business from his office, according to a source working within the government. The insider was quoted as saying, "I don't think there is a need for any renovation, but the state government will decide on that."

If they go forward with the renovations, it will be impossible for the deputy governor to continue working out of that office. It will be very difficult for him to function until a new office is given to him, in my opinion. Because of the divide between them, I have no doubt that this will take place in the near future. The events of the past two weeks, which started with the deputy governor approaching a Federal High Court in Abuja to stop any impeachment proceeding against him, despite the fact that the governor stated that his deputy has not informed him of his governorship ambition, it is clear that the issue is what has caused the problem between the two. "I really hope that they can find a solution to this problem because it will drag the state back, which is not what is needed at this time."

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On the other hand, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Andrew Okungbowa, stated in a response to a text message that was given to him that he was not aware of such a development and pointed out that there was no official document to that effect. He stated, "I am not aware of such development because there is no official circular to that effect." Consequently, he was unaware of the event. Nevertheless, by the beginning of the following week I will get confirmation from the relevant office."

In the meantime, the House of Assembly for the state will meet today to have deliberations on a variety of problems that are troubling to the progress of the state. Even though the court has temporarily stopped any attempts to impeach the deputy, today's proceedings may reveal whether or not there are any attempts to impeach Shaibu.

On Sunday, the leaders of the People's Democratic Party in Edo State cast a vote of confidence in Obaseki, criticizing Shaibu for going to court without first attempting to resolve the disagreement through the party's internal conflict resolution methods.

The gathering of Edo PDP leaders took place in the Igueben Local Government Area. Attendees included the party's chairman, Tony Aziegbemi, as well as a former chairman of the PDP board of trustees, Chief Tom Ikimi, a former senator who represented the Edo Central Senatorial District named Clifford Odia, and former members of the House of Representatives named Sergius Ogun and Joe Edionwele.

Following the meeting, they issued a communique in which they stated as follows: "During the meeting, a vote of confidence in the Governor of Edo State was moved by Chief Francis Ulinfun and seconded by Elder Johnny Abhulimen. On behalf of the party in Esanland, each and every leader that was present and voting on the resolution agreed to pass it with a unanimous vote.

"The meeting noted with satisfaction the rapid and effective progress being made on the peace and reconciliation efforts to unite the contending forces within the party, particularly in Esanland. These efforts are focusing on bringing peace and unity to Esanland."

"However, the rapidly deteriorating relationship between Governor Obaseki and his was noted with the utmost dismay."





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