‘I Had Given Up Hope’, Keyamo Thanks Tinubu At Ministerial Screening

Festus Keyamo, a ministerial contender from Delta State, stated that he had given up hope of serving in the Federal Executive Council of the current administration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) until he was nominated by President Bola Tinubu last Friday. Tinubu is the president of

On Monday, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Keyamo gave a speech at the Senate screening for his potential appointment to the ministerial position.

Tinubu owed a debt of gratitude to the man who found him deserving of a position in his cabinet when he served as the former Minister of State for Labour and Productivity under the administration of the now-defunct President Muhammadu Buhari.

Keyamo, speaking to the legislators, stated the following: "My appearance here today can only be by the grace of God and by the special benevolence of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and I want to say a special 'Thank You' to him for giving me this rare opportunity to serve. I am truly grateful."

"In point of fact, the reason I mentioned that I give all the credit and worship to God is that on Friday, when my name was given on this floor, my luggage and baggage were already packed together with that of my family; we were going on a short vacation," he continued. "In reality, the reason I said that is because we were going on a brief vacation when my name was revealed. When they suddenly said my name has been called, I had already given up any possibility of being here.

The screening session for Keyamo, on the other hand, resulted in a noisy session since parliamentarians were split on the issue of his candidacy, and some of them called for the exercise to be halted entirely.

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The Senate finally held a hearing for the final nominee on Tinubu's 48-person ministerial list, and that nominee was Keyamo. On Monday afternoon, he stood before the red chamber following the nomination of another individual, Mariya Mahmoud, who had previously served as the Commissioner for Higher Education in the state of Kano.

At first, the President's first and second ministerial lists did not include Keyamo, who is now 53 years old. On the other hand, in a surprising turn of events that took place last Friday, Tinubu removed Maryam Shetty from her position as a ministerial nominee from Kano and replaced her with Keyamo and Mahmood.

During the campaigning for the presidential election that took place on February 25, 2023, Keyamo served as a spokesperson for the Tinubu-Shettima Presidential Campaign Council. This election resulted in the formation of the new administration.

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