Makinde Charges Protesting Civil Servants On Non-Violent Protest

The governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, has urged protesting civil officials in the state to refrain from resorting to violence and has charged them to maintain a peaceful demeanor throughout the course of their agitation.

The demand was made after a number of civil servants, including Mr. Dare Olaniyan, a staff member of the state's Ministry of Information and Orientation, were assaulted by irate protestors on Tuesday.

The governor issued a statement through the Commissioner of Information and Orientation, Prince Dotun Oyelade, saying that the wise management of the state's resources and the welfare of the workforce are reasons why many people perceive the ongoing protest as unjust and hasty. The message was released yesterday.

According to him, the fact that less than N100 million is spent on the wages of political office-holders each month compared to N7.3 billion that is spent on the workforce for the same length of time is the best illustration of the importance that is placed on the welfare of workers.

He claimed that he has prioritized all matters concerning government servants since 2019, making it such that more than ninety percent of political officeholders do not have the luxury of an official car in the last four years, while a large number of top civil servants enjoy such amenities. This was in fulfillment of a promise that he made in 2019.

The statement went on to say that owing two months' worth of (salary) deductions should not generate severe reactions, especially considering that workers themselves were aware that workers in other states with larger funds are attempting to mimic Oyo State's practices.

He assuaged the residents' concerns by reassuring them that the positive connection that now exists between the NLC and the government is robust enough to defuse the tension and permit peace to prevail.

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In the meantime, the organized labor in the state has rejected the instruction from the national leadership of labour unions to call off the strike action and has instead chosen to continue their protest.
The labour unions in the state have continued to shut both the entrance and exit gates to the state secretariat as a form of protest over a variety of concerns, including the payment of wage deductions, the provision of palliatives for workers, and the upward review of pension allowances.
The union leaders insisted that they only wanted Governor Seyi Makinde and no other government official to answer their demands. As a result, the civil employees who intended to begin work on Thursday morning in the state, following the direction of the national body of the unions, encountered shut gates.


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