Tobi Bakre And Chidi Mokeme Nominated For EMY Africa, Actors Of The Year 2023

Chidi Mokeme and Tobi Bakre, two of the most well-known actors in Nigeria, both received nominations for the Actor of the Year category in the EMYs 2023.

The Exclusive Men of the Year Africa honors, more commonly referred to as the EMY Africa Awards, are a series of honours that were first presented in 2015 with the purpose of honoring and celebrating notable men on a yearly basis.
During his remarks at a press conference held on Wednesday in Lagos, Kojo Sobo, the executive Director of the EMY Africa awards, highlighted the importance of celebrating previous winners and candidates. He believed that EMY Africa should celebrate those who had distinguishing ideals and substantial achievements, and he shared that goal.

Kojo made the announcement regarding the nomination of Tobi Bakre and Chidi Mokeme for the Actor of the Year Awards during the press conference. He was excited to share that he had a positive experience in Nigeria and emphasized the important role that EMY Africa plays in both the celebration of Africa and the promotion of representation.

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Don Jazzy, Tony Elumelu, and Ebuka Uchendu, amongst other Nigerians, are just a few examples of people who have won EMY Africa in multiple categories in the past. Ebuka Uchendu won the Man of Style 2021 award. The EMY has always been held in Ghana; however, following seven consecutive years of resounding success, the event's organizers have made the bold decision to relocate it to Nigeria this year.

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