Ekpa, Mole Within IPOB Working For DSS – Secessionist Group Alleges

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a separatist organization, has made the accusation that the factional head, Mr. Simon Ekpa, was working for the Department of State Services (DSS), with the intention of bringing the organization to its knees.

In a news statement, the group's Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, made the charges, stating that Ekpa was in 2016 trained by DSS and put into IPOB as a mole. She also claimed that the allegations were true.

Since the arrest of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu in 2021, Ekpa, a separatist leader located in Finland, has asserted himself as the leader of the organization and has gone so far as to portray himself as the Prime Minister of the Biafra Government in Exile.
It is said that he was responsible for the violence that was unleashed on innocent people when the sit-at-home days were in progress. He is accused of being responsible for the civil disobedience orders that were issued in the southeast region.

Despite the fact that IPOB has consistently distanced itself from the activities of Ekpa, who considers himself to be Nnamdi Kanu's self-appointed student, Ekpa maintains that the motivation behind his actions is to call for the prompt release of Kanu.

"Ekpa was prior to this period groomed by the Nigerian DSS to usurp the leadership of IPOB in 2016, but that evil plan failed woefully," Powerful claimed in a press statement that was made accessible to DAILY POST on Monday.

"Simon Ekpa was the same person as the nameless Okwudili that DSS created in 2016 as the new leader of IPOB when our leader was detained in 2016," Simon Ekpa was "the same person as the faceless Okwudili," Before this point, Simon was an opponent of Ndigbo, and more specifically IPOB in Finland. Members of IPOB residing in Finland can vouch for this fact.

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"Simon Ekpa is the exclusive project of the Nigerian DSS," which had the goal of "creating a situation of unrest and hostility in the South East," with the ultimate goal of "destroying the image of IPOB."

The organization stated that if this were not the case, certain actions would have been taken by the federal government to put a stop to his operations in the zone.

Why is the Nigerian government not making any effort to engage the Finnish government in diplomatic dialogue over the ongoing hostilities in Ekpa? Why did Nigeria want to cover up the legal investigation that was being conducted on Ekpa in Finland, as well as his court cases in Nigeria?

The organization claimed that if the federal government was serious about putting an end to Ekpa's misbehavior in the zone, it would have ordered the DSS to permit Kanu to address his supporters through his various social media channels.

Ekpa was issued a challenge by the organization, which demanded that he attempt to issue commands to IPOB members without mentioning Kanu and observe that no one would listen to him when he did so. The organization also demanded that its members disregard Ekpa.


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