Rita Edochie To Judy Austin: Release Yul From Your Grip

If one were to take Rita Edochie's most recent Instagram post seriously, then it appears as though a covert battle between the two Nollywood actresses Rita Edochie and Judy Austin may be steadily growing up.

Rita Edochie, who has proved that she is not one to shy away from controversy, issued a warning to Judy in a recent post that she made on her official Instagram profile. In the post, she urged Judy to let go of Yul and allow him to focus on his marriage to May, or else she will have to face the consequences.
"Grab my spouse any which way, I'll teach you a lesson any which way by sending you to who knows where. No, you should go around and grab him a wife from every available women right now. It is time for you to let Yul go now that you have him in your possession. Yes, it is I who am talking. Rita exclaimed, "I am still the fear that fear fears," before firing her gun.

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It's possible that Rita posted this message in response to recent ones made by Judy, in which she demanded that people cease spreading false rumors about her husband Yul and their marriage, or else they will face her wrath.

Austin exclaimed with vehemence, "I have had it with all of this nonsense that is going on on social media." "What on earth is this?" Are you going to instruct me on how I should direct the course of my life? Are you going to instruct Yul Edochie, who is 41 years old and a grown man, how to conduct his life?

Judy retaliated against those who had criticized Yul for not behaving appropriately in his grief at the loss of his son.

In another post that she made, she questioned the individuals who were condemning Yul, asking them if it was appropriate for them to instruct an adult on how to mourn the loss of his son, and she urged them to wait until they also had lost children before mourning them in the manner of their choosing.

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