Fuel Subsidy Removal: FG Set To Review Workers’ Salary – Akpabio

The statement was made by the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, while he was hosting a welcome reception for the Governor of Ekiti State, Abiodun Oyebanji, and members of the National Assembly representing the state.

In a statement released by his media office, Akpabio was quoted as saying that the administration led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu decided to eliminate fuel subsidies in order to combat the widespread corruption that existed in the petroleum industry. He stated that the elimination of the fuel subsidy was the first step in the process of combating corruption within the system.

"Nigeria as a country would not have survived the next few years if the fuel subsidy had not been removed," the President of the Senate said. "Additionally, salaries and wages of workers will be reviewed in order to ensure that Nigerians have a living wage." [Citation needed] "Nigeria as a country would not have survived the next few years if the fuel subsidy had not been removed."
After that, Akpabio continued his remarks by telling the governor that "the Senate is very proud of your representatives in the 10th National Assembly."

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"They are committed and dedicated members of the legislative, which implies that the people of Ekiti, also known as the "land of knowledge," have a lot to give this country in general and the Senate in particular.
He made the following declaration: "We will work with Ekiti State for the overall benefit of Nigerians."
Earlier in his remarks, Governor Abiodun Oyebanji of Ekiti State offered his congratulations to the President of the Senate on the many accomplishments he has amassed in his first month in office.

He announced that the people and the government would give his tenure as President of the 10th Senate their full support in order for it to be successful, and that they were ready to work in partnership with the legislative in order to bring the country forward.


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