10 Best countries for Nigerians to Migrate

Various other reasons abound why people would prefer settling in other nations other than theirs. Nigerians are not exempted from the quest for global migration. People's unique circumstances, aspirations, perceived opportunities, and advantages that a different country may offer the

According to reports, Nigeria has a high rate of migration; as a result, it is challenging to prevent its citizens from leaving the country.

Why? "life is tough in Nigeria," is one of the many reasons people move to other places. Other factors, however, such as socioeconomic issues, ineffective resource management that breeds mistrust, and pockets of unrest across the country are sufficient enough for Nigerians to migrate.

There are challenges in every culture, but no nation should ever go without the necessities of life.

Various other reasons abound why people would prefer settling in other nations other than theirs. Nigerians are not exempted from the quest for global migration. Before I serve you the best countries suitable for Nigerians to Migrate, let’s examine the various reasons why people relocate.

Why Do Nigerians Immigrate to Other Countries?

Economic Opportunities: Many Nigerians seek better job prospects and higher wages in other countries. They are attracted to countries with strong economies and industries that align with their skills and qualifications especially when such is lacking in their country.

Political Stability and Security: Political instability, conflict, or insecurity at home can drive individuals to seek refuge in more stable and secure nations. Safety and the desire for a better quality of life are significant factors in this instance.

Study and Research: People often move to other countries for study purposes or research opportunities. Renowned universities, colleges, and research institutions attract international students and scholars, Nigerians, and inclusive who want to benefit from world-class education and resources.

Family Reunification: Individuals may choose to immigrate to join their family members who have already settled in another country. The desire to be with loved ones and build a better future together is a strong motivator. It is also on record that many countries support the togetherness of families.

Cultural and Lifestyle Factors: Some individuals are drawn to the culture, lifestyle, and values of a particular country. They may be inspired by the arts, traditions, social freedoms, or a sense of community they perceive in the destination country.

Healthcare and Social Benefits: Access to quality healthcare and social welfare systems can be a significant pull factor for immigration. People may seek better healthcare options or hope to benefit from comprehensive social support programs.

Escape from Environmental Challenges: Natural disasters, climate change, or environmental degradation can make living conditions in certain regions difficult. In search of a safer and more sustainable environment, people may choose to move to countries with more favorable conditions.

Personal and Professional Growth: Some people might feel constrained by the lack of opportunities for personal and professional growth in their home countries. They may be motivated to explore new horizons, expand their networks, and develop their skills in a different cultural context.

It's important to keep in mind that immigration reasons can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors and are highly personal. People's unique circumstances, aspirations, and perceived opportunities and advantages that a different country may offer them all influence their motivations.

Best Countries for Nigerians to Immigrate:


Canada is number one on our list of the best ten destinations for Nigerian immigrants because of its numerous benefits to foreigners. Both English and French are recognized as official languages of Canada. Many people in Nigeria appear to have developed a deep affection for Canada, propelling the country to the top of their travel wish lists. It's on record that many Nigerians are already awarded citizenship in Canada.

To put it simply, Canada is a huge country with over 38 million citizens and residents. It’s the world's second-most largest country, after only Russia.

Canada has simplified the immigration process, especially for those with specialized skills. There are numerous entry points to Canada for Nigerians who possess the necessary skills, education, and work experience.

Either the provincial nomination process or the federal express entry migration mechanism may be utilized. Obtaining employment with a Canadian company is still another option.

If you have a master's degree and proof that you completed high school and college in the English language, you will have an easier time obtaining permanent residency.

The country also boasts of a world-class and affordable educational system, thereby making it attractive for Nigerians and other nationals.

If you want to go to Canada with your spouse, kids, parents, and siblings, you have their full support. It takes around three years to become a citizen of Canada.

Canada tops the list of the ten best nations for Nigerians to migrate to because of its high standard of living and educational opportunities. It also offers its people access to quality medical treatment.


Australia is the second-best country to immigrate to from Nigeria on our list of best 10. Australia has been recommended as a great place for Nigerians to relocate.

It doesn't matter what ethnicity or religion you gravitate towards, or how far away you are from the country, everyone is treated equally and allowed to enjoy the public infrastructure and benefits available from the government.

Over 26 million people call Australia home, and the country is infamous for its occasionally severe climate. This has disadvantaged the country because it lacks in some areas, such as skilled labor.

This is why a country, like Canada, is always on the lookout for competent workers from outside to fill open positions.

Despite recent efforts to restrict immigration (in part due to the cost of obtaining a visa), the country continues to receive a large number of newcomers from all over the world, Nigeria included.

If your plans are legal and beneficial to Australia's development, you are welcome to live and work there. As an immigrant, you'll find an abundance of possibilities.

United Kingdom:

While it will be time-consuming to delve into statistical research, it's safe to say that the UK is the most practical and accessible alternative for any Nigerian hoping to escape the dire conditions in their home country.

The effect of Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic necessitated the government of the UK to open its doors to welcome foreigners. This made it possible for many Nigerians, who, before now have always looked out for opportunities to migrate to the former colonial master's country. Severe labor shortages was also another factor that made the UK allow Nigerians and other to move into the country.

The government of the United Kingdom, like any respectable one, is attempting to solve the issue directly. The UK government has declared that effective Friday, 17th December 2021, they will temporarily relax immigration rules for foreign caregivers in an effort to attract and retain a sufficient number of qualified individuals. They allowed a full 12 months to find and hire new employees. That's not even a second.

Skilled foreign workers in a wide range of industries, including medicine, nursing, health care, caregiving, poultry and butchery, software engineering, mechanical engineering, and so on, have been in high demand in the United Kingdom for some time. 

Additionally, world-class education is the hallmark of the United Kingdom. If you are looking for one of the best places to study, the UK comes top; the reasons are obvious.


Switzerland is number four on our list of the best ten nations to which Nigerians can emigrate.

The citizens of this nation are required to learn one of four official languages: French, German, Romansh, or Italian. Switzerland is among the most visually stunning European nations. The country boasts a low unemployment rate and a high quality of living.

Switzerland is home to more than 8.7 million people. There are four official languages in the country, and you should be able to speak at least one of them.

Switzerland's economy is so much better than Nigeria's that you wouldn't dare make such a comparison. However, you should be aware that it can take up to ten years to become a Swiss citizen.

If you're a Nigerian, Switzerland should definitely be on your list of potential new homes.

Republic of Ireland:

By no means exaggerating, the Republic of Ireland suffers from the same (or even worse) labor shortages as the United Kingdom. However, because Ireland is a member of the European Union, it has access to aid from that body. However, outside the European Union, Ireland needs substantial assistance.

If you're looking for a great place to settle down, the Republic of Ireland is now your best bet. According to the information we were given, most of the foreign migrant workers already in Ireland are having their paperwork processed to legalize their stay in order to help with the country's severe labor shortages. Top-quality education is available in the Republic of Ireland with world-class facilities and faculty.

Get in touch with a reliable travel consultant or recruiter in your field to help you find work in Ireland; the country is in need of your skills right now. English is the official and de facto mode of interpersonal interaction and there are high minimum wages and a high standard of living. If you're on the fence about whether or not a trip to Dublin is worthwhile, get a tourist visa and see for yourself.


Poland is the sixth best country to emigrate to from Nigeria on our list of best ten. Poland is an amazing destination since it provides so many different avenues for success. The country's economic benefits are substantial, and those are just one of many.

Culture is highly valued in this country, and residents are encouraged to express their individuality. If you enjoy being outside and doing things like hiking, Poland is a fantastic destination for you.

Poland is included since it is reasonably priced. The current exchange rate for the Polish Zloty, the native currency, is 0.24 U.S. dollars per Zloty.

Your daily budget would be between $25 and $35, with food accounting for $5 to $10 of that. You can eat local Nigerian delicacies for approximately the same price as you would in Nigeria.

Earning between $150 and $300 a day, depending on your line of employment, should be more than enough to cover your costs of living.

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For a long time, Finland has been a favorite for many Nigerians, or Suomi as it is known in Scandinavia because it is a place where people from Nigeria may find a good job and a stable life. One of the country's distinguishing features is its policy of allowing foreigners to vote.

If you are looking for a country that will respect your rights as an immigrant or employee, look no further than Finland. The tide of discrimination has turned. Finland is a wonderful place to live and work.

The Finnish economy is booming right now, the country's advanced status means it's an attractive place for immigrants to desire to move into. Due to severe labor shortages, the government is actively recruiting experts from outside the European Union.

You can move to Finland at any time from Nigeria and never look back; it's one of the best places in the world to live. Although English is not the native tongue, you will have no trouble getting around because most locals are fluent in the language and everything is set up to accommodate your stay.

Hiring a professional recruiter to help with your move to Finland will make the process seem much less daunting than it actually is.

You can also move to Finland via the study route. A trusted travel agent can be of assistance to you in this regard.


the next in our tracker of best countries for Nigerians to migrate is Germany, Europe's largest economy, and one of the finest countries to relocate to right now. Due to linguistic and citizenship barriers, Germany ranks lowest among countries that may attract immigrants for permanent settlement.

The chances of an immigrant finding a better job in Germany that pays well are higher than they would be in many other countries. This is because Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, the best education that is affordable and accessible by all, respect for workers' rights, and so on. People in a country without racial discrimination find it incredibly liberating to live and work there; as a result, they are exceptionally kind and accepting of others.

However, the problem of dual citizenship is a major obstacle to considering a move here. Those seeking German citizenship were traditionally required to renounce their original citizenship.

Hulala! Germany now permits dual citizenship!

While researching this article, we discovered that the current German government recognizes dual citizenship.

This is what the announcement said:

The new German administration has stated its intention to allow dual citizenship, meaning that "foreigners who wish to become German nationals after meeting the criteria will no longer be required to relinquish their previous citizenship."


Are you a Nigerian citizen looking for a European country with which to obtain a visa quickly? A great option is Hungary. To say that Hungary is "some European country" is to miss the point. It's one of the finest places for Nigerians to relocate to.

Surely, you're familiar with Budapest, one of the country's most well-known urban centers. It's also a reasonably priced residential area. Another location is Drebecen; it is the kind of city you might wish to visit. They may not be as interesting as Budapest, but their food and lodging are much more affordable.

The Hungarian Forint is the name of the country's official currency. You can buy food for the day and have money left over, say $15. The average cost of a hotel room for a night is between $20 and $25. This equates to a daily budget of $35-50 for a new immigrant. You can consult a qualified immigration expert or recruitment agency to assist you with work opportunities in that country.


If you're thinking about where you'd like to call home, Portugal in the Iberian peninsula should be at the top of your list. Even while the standard of living may not be quite as great as it is in the most developed economy, moving there is usually a good idea.

Portuguese immigration is higher than in many other European countries because of a number of causes.

The first-rate climate, In contrast to the temperate circumstances you face on a daily basis in Northern Europe, Portugal offers you a good weather climate all year round.

There is no racial prejudice, and the locals are both welcoming and accustomed to socializing with individuals of different backgrounds, making it a great place to settle down.

Portugal, like many of the other nations we've looked at, might not offer you a large wage, but the cost of living is lower than in other Western European countries with similar standards of living.

Given the current state of affairs, we settled on Portugal as one of the top destinations for Nigerian emigration. There is a severe scarcity of competent people in many vital sectors of Portugal's economy, and the country is facing unprecedented challenges as a result.

Inquire about how you may become a part of the solution to the present unemployment crisis in Portugal since the country is eager to engage qualified employees from outside the European Union if you meet the necessary credentials.


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