I Won’t Rule, But Govern You, Tinubu Assures Nigerians

The Nigerian people have been reassured by their President, Bola Tinubu, that he is resolved to govern rather than dominate them. He has promised to engage in dialogues with the people and will never impose his will on them.

In his inaugural address on Monday at the Eagle Square in Abuja, Tinubu stated that there was no reason to continue with the existing fuel subsidy and that he plans to instead redirect such funds to better developmental purposes. This was part of Tinubu's announcement that he would be running for the position of Minister of Finance. He said he will govern Nigerians and not rule.

Tinubu also voiced his disapproval of the Naira redesign policy, claiming that its implementation would be too difficult for the people of Nigeria.

Despite his assurance that the policy will be reexamined, he stated that the old and new currencies will both continue to be accepted as legal tender alongside one another.

The election that brought him to power was also regarded by the President as being credible. He stated that since the beginning of the fourth republic, Nigeria has not held an election of a higher caliber than the one that brought him to power.

He stated that our administration would rule in your best interest but would never rule over you directly. We will engage in debate and consultation, but we will never impose our will. We will make an effort to communicate with everyone, but we will never belittle someone for holding opinions that are different from our own.We are not here to damage and hurt this nation; rather, we have come to further mend and heal it.

In this spirit, allow me to make some remarks about the election that has brought us to this point in time. It was a contest that was fiercely contested. And it was done so in a just manner. Since the beginning of the Fourth Republic, Nigeria has not had an election that was of a higher caliber than the one that just took place.

The outcome was consistent with what the majority of people wanted. Despite this, my success does not make me any more Nigerian than my competitors were before I won. They are not any less patriotic as a result of this fact.

"They will always be my fellow citizens of this great nation. And that is how I intend to treat them. They are representatives of significant constituencies and concerns that prudent people cannot afford to disregard.

They have decided to air their grievances in a public forum. They have the right to seek legal remedies, and I will vigorously defend them in the event that they exercise this right. This is the fundamental principle behind the rule of law.I am grateful to all of my supporters. My hand is outstretched to individuals on the other side of the political aisle who voted differently. I implore you to understand it in the context of our shared national identity and fraternity. A political tint is no longer present in my perspective. All I see are Nigerians".

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In addition to his promise to eliminate fuel subsidies, the president of Nigeria gave instructions to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to work toward establishing a single national exchange rate.

He made the following statement: "We commend the decision of the outgoing administration in phasing out the petrol subsidy regime which has increasingly favored the rich more than the poor." In light of the diminishing availability of resources, subsidies can no longer be used to rationalize the ever-increasing costs they incur. We will instead redistribute the funds in order to make better investments in public infrastructure, education, health care, and job creation, all of which would significantly enhance the lives of millions of people.

"There is a lot of room for improvement in monetary policy. It is necessary for the Central Bank to strive toward establishing a single exchange rate. Because of this, funds will be redirected from arbitrage into investments that are actually meaningful in the plant, equipment, and jobs that fuel the real economy.

It is imperative that interest rates be lowered in order to stimulate investment and consumer spending in a manner that will allow the economy to function at a higher level.

Given the large number of Nigerians who do not have access to a bank account, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) implemented the currency swap in a way that was too punitive. The policy is going to be looked at again. During this interim period, my administration will acknowledge both currencies as valid forms of payment.

Concerning the direction that Tinubu intends to take Nigeria's foreign policy, he stated that there is a real need for worry regarding the crisis in Sudan as well as the shift away from democracy that has been taken by several states in Nigeria's immediate neighborhood.

"As a result of this, the maintenance of peace and security across the African continent, as well as in the West African subregion, must be the principal focus of my foreign policy. To put an end to ongoing disputes and to find solutions to emerging ones, we will collaborate with ECOWAS, the AU, and other willing partners in the international community.

He made the following statement: "As we work to eliminate threats to peace, we will also retool our foreign policy to more actively lead the search for collective prosperity on both the regional and continental levels."

Tinubu also stated that the constitution had provided Nigerians with a nation on paper, and he added that it was necessary for Nigerians to make the Constitution come to life.

He stated that the nation we live in exists only on paper thanks to our laws and constitution. We need to put in more effort to bring these lofty documents to reality by fortifying the ties of economic collaboration, social solidarity, and cultural comprehension. Let's work together to cultivate a common sense of justice and fairness.

The incoming president highlighted in general terms a few projects that he claimed would characterize his notion of progressive good governance in pursuit of the Nigerian ideal. He stated that in the coming days and weeks, his team will publicly clarify key components of his agenda. However, he stated that in the next days and weeks, his team will do so.

"The guiding principles that our administration will adhere to are straightforward:

"Nigeria will be governed in a fair and equitable manner in accordance with the constitution and the rule of law."

"We will defend the nation against terror and any and all forms of criminality that threaten the peace and stability of our country and our subregion,"

"We will restructure our economy in order to bring about growth and development through the provision of food security, the creation of jobs, and the elimination of extreme poverty.

"Women and young people will play an extremely important role in our government.

"Our government will continue to take proactive steps such as championing a credit culture in order to discourage corruption while strengthening the effectiveness and efficiency of the various anti-corruption agencies," he remarked. "Our government will also continue to take steps to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of the various anti-corruption agencies."

In regards to security, he stated that it will be the main priority of his government due to the fact that neither prosperity nor justice can exist in an environment characterized by violence and insecurity.

"In order to combat this threat in an efficient manner, we will be revising not only our security policy but also its architecture.

"We are going to make a greater investment in our security staff, and this includes more than just adding more of them. According to what he said, "We shall provide, better training, equipment, pay, and firepower."

Tinubu also made the pledge that he would ensure the implementation of budgetary reform, which would stimulate the economy without leading to inflation.

He stated that there will be an industrial policy that will use the entire range of fiscal tools in order to stimulate domestic production and reduce reliance on imports.

"Electricity will become easier to obtain, as well as more inexpensive, for homes and businesses alike. The generation of electricity should almost double, and improvements should also be made to the transmission and distribution networks. We will work to encourage each states to build their own local sources.

"I have a message for our investors, both domestic and international: our government will review all of their complaints about multiple taxation and various anti-investment inhibitions," the message read.

*We will take measures to ensure that investors and international enterprises bring home the dividends and profits they have worked so hard to earn.

"It is imperative that the administration I lead provide significant possibilities for our young people. We are going to keep the promise that we made throughout the campaign to create one million new employment in the digital economy.

"In addition, our government will collaborate with the National Assembly to draft a comprehensive bill about jobs and prosperity. According to him, "This bill will give our administration the policy space to embark on labor-intensive infrastructural improvements, encourage light industry, and provide improved social services for the poor, elderly, and vulnerable." This policy space will be provided by the bill.

Concerning agriculture, the president stated that rural incomes will be protected through the establishment of commodity exchange boards that will guarantee minimum prices for specific types of crops and animal products.

He stated that "A nationwide program for storage and other facilities to reduce spoilage and waste will be undertaken." This program will be implemented nationwide.

"Agricultural hubs will be established all over the country in order to raise overall production and participate in value-added processing." The livestock industry will be given exposure to the most up-to-date and effective techniques, as well as the efforts that are being made to mitigate the ongoing dispute in this sector over available land and water resources.

His name is Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and he is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He made the following declaration: "With full confidence in our ability, I declare that these things are within our immediate reach because my name is Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and I am the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria."



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