Bitcoin Investment: Why? 10 Reasons Bitcoin Investing is Big Business.

Buying, selling, and investing in Bitcoin is all the rage right now.

There is no doubt about it; Bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrency, in general, are making big waves. You have probably been hearing more about it in the news. That is both the traditional and digital news platforms. It is no longer news that talks about Bitcoin worldwide.

Some think reading the headlines and talking about it is ok. Some are also working and taking the position to become part of the revolution and grab the huge opportunity available.

Bitcoin investing has its benefits. In this article, please sit tight as I serve you 10 benefits you never knew are derivable from investing in digital currency. 

 1. Bitcoin is getting set to becoming the main currency in the future: 

One significant discovery of the financial crisis of 2008 is that the traditional banking system as we know it is flawed. The infractions bedeviling the conventional financial system are confirmed in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic caused many economies to wobble in their economic standing. As a result, many governments were reported to have manipulated their central banks in a move to save the economy. A more secure, decentralized form of banking takes banks and governments out of the equation. That is where Bitcoin investment comes in.

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Banks realize that the traditional banking system is defective and cannot stand to proffer solutions to the myriad of challenges in the financial sector of the different economies of the world. A recent publication by the Dutch bank on the future of banking; talks about how fragile the traditional money system is. In the report, the bank opined that by 2030, over 200 million people will be using digital money. By then, it continued, the traditional money will be on its way out.

The sentiments about digital money replacing traditional currency were also echoed by Twitter's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jack Dorsey. He believes Bitcoin will eventually become the world's single currency. Already, his payment company, Square, has invested $50 million in Bitcoin.

Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of SpaceX and co-owner of Tesla, Inc. had stated that “crypto is a far better way to transfer value than a piece of paper.”

Additionally, China’s state TV has lent its voice by calling blockchain, the technology that makes Bitcoin possible ten times more valuable than the internet.

2. Knowledge of Bitcoin-blockchain Technology: 

Bitcoin internet technology is the biggest invention to happen since the advent of the internet. You still have plenty of time to get involved with the Bitcoin technology rave if you are yet to do so.

Just in the ‘90s, when the internet took off, those who resisted and refused to adopt it are now having a rethink; I am sure you don’t want to be among late adopters. The Bitcoin craving is already not without the Internet; just as we now rely on the Internet for information and communication, it is still going to be the same with financial transactions using blockchain. So, if you are not familiar with using it yet, now is the time to hop in. 

3. Taking advantage of the Bitcoin revolution now helps you position yourself for opportunities ahead. 

Yes, you can make and receive payments with your Bitcoin account. You can use it to save. However, bigger opportunities come with investing in technology. Take, for instance, if you had invested $200 five years ago, by now that $200 will be worth over $5000. Again, if ten years ago, that $200 will be worth $3.8 million, surprised!?

The price of Bitcoin keeps going up, though, with hiccups here and there. However, investing in Bitcoin and other cryptos has always brought great returns to investors, especially early investors and those who join the race for position. Knowing how to invest right is key to profitability, which is why you are studying this book. You will not miss it!

4. Alternative Way to Save: Bitcoin investing is one solid way to save your money:  

From the foregoing, we’ve talked about the upward trend of Bitcoin. Now, compare Bitcoin’s astronomical growth with fiat money. If you took regular money, buried it, and waited for ten years. What you could buy with such money a decade later could be much lesser because of inflation. Similarly, putting in the bank for such a period wouldn’t be much better either. This is because the interest rate in banks, which varies from zero to a meager percentage will discourage any serious investor. It is a fact that Bitcoin is more volatile than other types of money, and this is because it is still new and developing. For example, at the start of 2018, when the price of Bitcoin nose-dived.

However, since the downward price of Bitcoin in 2018, the price has continued to appreciate, shattering every negative projection on it. The upward trend is likely to continue as many people, organizations, and governments continue to show interest. That makes it a great option for a long time-saving beating any interest any bank can give you.

5. It is a haven from Inflation: 

one major challenge with conventional money is it always depreciates, not by accident. Governments, central banks, and institutional investors do it on purpose, especially during financial crises. For example, in 2020, when most economies shut down economic activities over global health challenges.

Such a drastic decision is a shortage of money, and governments and central banks try to get over such development by printing more money. It is a fact that 22% of dollars in circulation today was created in 2020 when the federal reserve injected $2 trillion into the economy. Printing more money and throwing it into the economy may appear to be the best step to take in such a situation until you consider the value of such a decision. There might be more money in circulation; however, the amount of goods and services it is chasing stays the same. The value of the money will go down compared with the value of those goods and services. That is an invitation to inflation- too much money chasing too few or the same goods and services.

To mitigate the above scenario, smart people trust Gold more than fiat money. This is because when there is an economic crisis, new gold does not just appear from nowhere; that makes the value continue to go up or, at best, remain unchanged.

In the same vein, Bitcoin is not just created as a short-term fix to financial problems. That way, digital money holds its value, making it inflation-prove.

6. Anybody can invest in Bitcoin: 

You can! In case you thought you need a degree, perhaps in programming to get into Bitcoin investing or become a financial expert to be a part of this sweeping revolution, I tell you now that you do not need all those. They are good to have if you have to, but not necessarily to be successful in the digital currency trading business.

A smartphone with internet access may be all that you need. Again, Bitcoin is far easier to get into than most traditional investments. The reason Bitcoins are easier to get into is because-

It has high liquidity. You can buy and sell easily and quickly too.

There is no high threshold to partake in the business. For example, you need to put down lots of money to partake in trading for stocks and bonds. With Bitcoin, you can put down $100 to be a part of the investment.

No institutions. No paperwork. Just create an account, get a wallet, and track your assets.

7. There are no Controls: 

If central banks and governments control conventional money, you may wonder who it is that controls Bitcoin. The beauty of Bitcoin is that it is controlled by nobody and everybody at the same time. For example, Bitcoin code is stored in thousands of nodes. That means the computers attend to thousands of people who voluntarily run Bitcoin software on their computers. There is no central authority or mastermind behind it. All users effectively retain control, and it is in everyone’s interest to keep the network active and healthy.

Running digital money this way overrules all appendages of banks. For instance, banks only open during the day's business hours. On the other hand, Bitcoin and blockchain technology function non-stop.

Bank payments can take up to 48 hours to clear; Bitcoin transactions take between 15 minutes to 1 hour.

8. Bitcoin is the Best Security Investment in the Market: 

This stems from the fact there is no institution monitoring digital money operations.

You may wonder since there is no institution monitoring the activities- is it safe? The answer is a definite yes; it is safe. Bitcoin is one of the best securities in the market due to how the information is stored.

Anytime a transaction takes place, and digital money gets handed over to a new user, that gets recorded permanently and can’t be erased even after it exchanges hands. Recall as stated earlier, the data is stored by tens of thousands of users across the world. It is unlike a conventional bank, where the information is stored in a central database. If one user has an error or tries to tamper with the information, tens of thousands of others will cross-reference each other connected. The bigger the network, the more secure it is. Bitcoin is massive, among others. You can count on the robustness of the system.

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9. Bitcoin is One Business Investment with Low Transaction Fees: 

In the conventional banking system, for any form of investment you make, fees are associated with it. Fees such as making, buying, selling, and even storing the investment However, with Bitcoin, there are fees, but users determine such fees. That means it is in users' interests to keep such fees low, much lower than the ones charged by brokers to invest in stocks and bonds, for example.

The same goes for making international transfers. If you transfer from your local bank to an international one, you will be slammed with high fees with different names attached. By contrast, in Bitcoin, no institutions are making a profit from inter-country transfers, which implies no fees are charged. This makes Bitcoin an investment haven.

10. Bitcoin is Inflation-Prove: 

Recall in previous articles, conventional money loses value because of inflation. The reason Bitcoin does not suffer inflation is the supply is capped. This is written in the source code, which states that there will ever be only twenty-one million (21,000,000) Bitcoin produced. Currently, 18.5 million Bitcoins have been mined.  


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