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Are you looking for jobs or hoping to complement your current income? You should seize this chance. iTokam is a social platform where you can get paid for writing blog posts, liking posts, and much more following guidelines.


The word passive income is not a concept because it's been arround for many years. However, what is new is the effect of technology and how it is deployed in today's world. Passive income refers to the earnings generated with minimal effort or direct involvement after an initial investment of time, money, or resources. It is a popular concept and financial goal for many individuals and entrepreneurs because it offers the potential for financial freedom and a more flexible lifestyle. Unlike active income, which requires ongoing work and time commitment, passive income allows individuals to earn money while focusing on other activities or pursuits.

Are you looking for jobs or hoping to complement your current job and make passive income? You should seize this chance. iTokam is a social platform where you can get paid for writing blog posts, liking posts, and much more following guidelines. You can also get credits in your iTokam wallet and withdrawable account by referring other people to download the app on the Google Store or on the website and signing up through your personal referral link. Remember, after signing up on the platform, you will be given a personalized referral link to share with others. Two major account types exist in the iTokam platform: The Free  and Pro versions. However, with the Pro version,  you unlock huge earning potential on the iTokam social network. It is a unique form of passive income; isn't it?

iTokam Social Network is powered by Pathway360 Initiative, an organization that aims at empowering people to live up to their full potential with support from Carolex Resources Limited.

iTokam Social Network is so much more than just a place to keep in touch with loved ones and reminisce about good moments spent together.  You can also make a living by penning articles, short stories, and referrals.

The iTokam team is currently running a promo that allows you to write publishable, content free from plagiarism on the network and make an exciting residual income. Daily passive income of up to N6k can be yours through the publication of articles, stories, and thrilling events, and posts.  Plus, your referral bonus. Making money while having fun with your pals has never been more fascinating.

Writing and publishing articles and stories on the iTokam social community is a no-brainer; it is straightforward and takes a moment of your time. What's most exciting is that you can write about topics that most interest you and earn a good living doing it. You may have been writing and publishing your interests on other social sites for free, but in iTokam you are paid for doing the same. If you do not want to wait any further, click here to download the app or here to use the web version and start earning passive income immediately.

Our policies are straightforward so that you may focus on writing on topics with which you're already knowledgeable. You can write as many pieces in this genre/niche as you like.

You're free to flit from one specialized area to another as well. You are free to create content with attractive titles you like, including sports, romance, inspiration, and religion.

Once you have completed such an article that meets the guidelines, it is ready for publication. Content or stories that match the criteria are allowed to be posted on the platform once they have been finalized. You can increase your earnings by increasing your article output. Hurry while the opportunity lasts! To post articles and earn more passive income with your content, you must upgrade your status to the Pro level.

Who Can Write And Post On iTokam?

The iTokam community is open to everyone- School Leavers, Undergraduates, Job Seekers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Youth Corper, etc., with the Pro badge. In fact, anyone interested in earning supplemental or passive income is welcome to sign up. The iTokam multi-platform affords everyone a fair shot at making serious money. Writing more articles increases your earnings potential. To get it now and start generating money while socializing, click here.

How to Sign Up to iTokam Network

If what's being described is something you're capable of, please proceed with the steps below to get started.

First, click Here to Register on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Bing, etc.,). Alternatively, copy this link Once done, a page like the one below displays.

iTokam App

Alternatively, head over to the Google Play Store on your mobile device, type "iTokam" into the search bar, and click "Install." You'll see a page quite similar to the one up top.

Please complete the form by entering your information in the blanks after the page has loaded. Click "Let's go!" when you're ready to proceed. Please enter a working email address, as a confirmation email will be sent to that address.

Once you click “Let’s Go!” check your Inbox for a mail from the iTokam team titled “Account Activation.” Open the message and click “Confirm Email Address.” Please also check your SPAM folder in case you did not see it in the Inbox.

Once you do that, boom, your account is now available on!

The next step is to update your profile, including uploading your profile picture. Kindly follow the prompt to normalize your profile.

What Next After Signing Up?

The next step is to start writing and publishing articles that adhere to the established standards once you have registered with the iTokam social app to start making a significant income. You'll earn more money and see a significant increase in your withdrawal account as you write more standard articles. Start earning a ton of money right away by downloading the app or signing up on the website. Please note that account creation is a one-off and it is free. You don't need to create another account if you already have one. 

Remember that every article that meets the conditions and is published attracts a Four Hundred Naira (N200) payment to your wathdrawable account. That is if you write up to ten (10) articles in a day as a Pro member, you make Four Thousand Naira (N4000) only aside earnings from other activities.

There is no limit to how much you can make in a day as Pro member. The more you write and it is published, the more money you make. In addition, the more people you refer to sign up with your unique referring code, the more your wallet receives more credit.

How to Recover Forgotten Password

If for any reason you forgot your password or login details, do not panic because the iTokam platform got you covered. Forgot password? Kindly click the ? symbol beside Password, as shown below.

Daily Tasks to Earn More on the iTokam Platform

* Refer other people and earn up to 60% of upgrade amount.
* For every response you make to a post or comment made by another user, you'll receive 50 points.

* Simply logging in once every day will win you 5,000 points.

* By simply sharing each article on Facebook, you can gain 300 points.

* If you share any article on Twitter, you earn 300 points. 

* Regular posts give you 50 points.

* You can start reading articles and earning 300 to 400 points right now on iTokam.  To earn a such point, open an article and wait up to 60 seconds in order to earn money (points) on the iTokam platform. For instance, if today's revenue increases by 10%, the point total will climb by 10% across the board, but reading articles is where you'll see the biggest bump, from 300 to 400 points for each article you open.   

* You may also make money on iTokam by writing unique, original articles and including free, copyrighted images in them. If you want to maximize your earnings, it's a good idea to upgrade to the Pro status (once you sign up, you can upgrade your status) and focus on the Articles section by selecting a topic you are comfortable writing about. Earning potential increases with increased output. As a Pro user, there is no limit you can earn per day with plagiarism-free articles on the platform.

* Please note that the platform does not approve of copying from other sites, and if you must copy, you will need to rewrite your article using some good Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot; you can sign up for free by clicking here to use AI software to rewrite your article so that it is plagiarism-free; once you publish an article that is free from copyright images and plagiarism-free content, our support team will approve your post and your wallet credited. However, if otherwise, you will not get paid.  

  • Please note that if your article is under 650 words in length, such an article will not earn any payment.

This Video Explains All That You Need To Start Maximizing Your Earning On iTokam

How iTokam Referral Bonus Works

Refer other people and earn up to 60% of upgrade amount.

* You can make as much as 60% as a Pro user from our referral system. You can use your personal referral link to invite others to the platform. For example, write a review of the platform on your blog, website, or social media handle and insert your unique referral link to invite. You may simply share your link directly with others on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and earn massively from the platform. Earnings on the iTokam platform are substantial, but the amount you can earn from the referral system is a decision you alone can make.

How To Become A Pro User On iTokam Network:

You can maximize your potential of making more residual income from the iTokam platform by migrating to a Pro user, As a free user, earnings are limited compared to the infinite opportunity to earn with a Pro badge.

It's up to you to decide whether you want to stick with the free users or the pro. You might also decide to start out as a free user and later make the switch the Pro status; the decision is entirely yours to make.

The image below displays the various Pro badges available on the iTokam network. Go ahead and choose the option that most captures your preference.

You have the option of paying less than or more than the standard N1000 (Naira) or its equivalent per month, as can be seen above.

When you've finished making your payment, you can celebrate and begin building your wealth.

Contact iTokam Team:

After creating an account on and publishing an article, if it has not been approved after 30 minutes, you can contact the Admin via WhatsApp at +234-704 743 8061 to let them know about your work. After review, the administrator will approve your article and your account will be credited immediately.

Note that account creation is a one-time process. If you already have an account, there is no need to create a new one.

Explaining the iTokam Algorithm

If someone you are following reacted to someone's content, you will be recommended to the same content that the person you are following reacted to it.

How to Take Your Earned Money from the iTokam Platform

Once you  have made your money from the iTokam network, it is time to make withdrawals. The steps below will guide you on how to make withdrawals from the system.

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  1. Update your profile image as soon as possible; it must be an authentic photo of you because we do not tolerate multiple accounts or the usage of several accounts for financial gain, for which we will permanently ban you.
  2. Please check your work for any instances of plagiarism; we do not pay for previously published works (only for article writers).
  3. You can learn how to modify SEO posts on YouTube, so make sure you do it before publishing (only for article writers)
  4. If you're using a PayPal account in Nigeria, the IBAN is actually the ACCOUNT NUMBER that will appear in the pop-up window once you select "Bank." The ensuing, If you'd like to cancel your subscription.

Withdrawal Form

What are you still waiting for, why don’t you get started by downloading the iTokam app from Google Play Store or using your browser to create an account and start earning massively? Make money while catching fun.






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