How to clear or Close apps on iPhone 14 Series

The new iPhone 14 series, released in September 2022, is an improvement over the iPhone 13 series in a number of ways.

The new iPhone 14 series, released in September 2022, is an improvement over the iPhone 13 series in a number of ways. However, the majority of the changes are limited to the Pro and Pro Max variants. The Dynamic Island cutout, which is pill-shaped, is one of the most talked-about aspects of the two 'Pro' models among Apple enthusiasts. New technology, such as a speedier processor and better camera sensors, make the two premium versions a tempting upgrade from prior iPhones.

The iPhone 14, like other modern iPhone models, lacks the traditional Home button, therefore exiting apps requires a different sequence of gestures than on prior iPhones. Users could quickly return to the Home screen by pressing the Home button, and the multitasking screen could be accessed by double-tapping the screen. But the latest iPhones do not allow for this functionality. Even said, exiting an app on the iPhone 14 is straightforward, and many people even claim that it's more user-friendly than the previous technique.

Why Close Apps on Your iPhone?

One cornerstone advantage of clearing or closing the apps on your iPhone is that it helps to keep the RAM free, plus, it also enables your machine to run even smoother and faster.

Thankfully, clearing apps on iPhone the iPhonr 14 series is rather simple – all you need to do is a single swipe gesture and that's it.


  1. To clear or close all apps, swipe up from the bottom of your phone and pause in the middle, so the app switcher will come up.

  1. On your iPhone 14 snartphone, navigate to the app switcher – here, all the installed apps on your machine will be displayed by swiping left or right.

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  1. Having done that, swipe up on any app you'd like to clear or close – and you're done!

However, while the technique mentioned earlier mentioned method is effective, it may be time-consuming to apply it to a large number of applications. The reason behind this is that, compared to Android devices, the App Switcher screen on an iPhone does not feature a "Clear All" button, making it impossible to close all currently active apps at once. On the other hand, iPhones allow users to close numerous apps at once by simply swiping up multiple app previews at once. When trying to close many apps at once, it's better to use two or three fingers, although even that's less natural than just pressing one button. The aforementioned techniques are compatible with all iPhone 14 models and those below up to iPhone X. 


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