Lionel Messi: Retire or go back to Barcelona - just don't waste any more time at toxic PSG!

Lionel Messi: Retire or go back to Barcelona - just don't waste any more time at toxic PSG!

The Argentinian must make a crucial decision because in Wednesday's defeat at Munich he didn't perform like the star who lit up the 2022 World Cup.

It appears that Lionel Messi's career is over.
Some so-called experts believe that the Argentine's lack of impact in PSG's lackluster Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he is no longer capable of playing at the top level.

It would appear that the 2022 World Cup is already obsolete.
And that's why Messi's lackluster performance at the Allianz Arena incensed Jerome Rothen so much.

The truth is, I watched his contests in Qatar and saw how much effort he put into each one "The ex-PSG and France midfielder vented his frustrations on RMC Sport.

"It's the national team uniform, after all, so I can't really complain. Still, show some appreciation for the club in the nation's capital that helps you keep your job and pay.

"It was only PSG that could offer him everything he wanted, and PSG fawned over him because they believed he would lead us to [Champions League] glory. However, he does not help us in any way."

Is it really Messi's responsibility that PSG went out so quietly this year? I don't think so at all.

PSG has serious underlying problems and is suffering greatly on the field as a result of their preoccupation with overpaying for elite players.

But let's be totally forthright: Messi is to blame. Indeed, his compensation is enormous, and Rothen is justified in wondering if there are more productive uses for such a large sum of money.

Marquinhos Christophe Galtier Bayern Munich PSG Champions League 2022-23


For what reason does a state-backed super-team lack adequate protective gear?
Another former PSG attacker, David Ginola, told Canal+ after the Allianz Arena disaster: "One person's abilities are not enough to triumph on their own. You can't win without a strong middle and a deep reserve."

Galtier mentioned in his postgame press briefing that PSG lacks both. Undeniably, injuries have struck them heavily, which is both completely predictable and completely startling.

What gives? How come a state-backed super-club like PSG can't seem to find enough protection?

On Wednesday, they used their reserve players Juan Bernat, Nordi Mukiele, El Chadaille Bitshiabu, Warren Zaire-Emery, and Hugo Ekitike.

Munich, on the other hand, had the luxury of debuting players like Serge Gnabry, Leroy Sane, Sadio Mane, and Joao Cancelo.

Therefore, Al-Khelaifi and Company need to answer questions about how they are spending the seemingly endless energy wealth at their command.

Yet Messi must also examine his own motivations for being at the Parc des Princes and decide if he should even think about extending his current contract.

Lionel Messi Nasser Al-Khelaifi PSG shirt 2021-22

Messi's worst professional choice
"My goal is to win the Champions League once more and I believe Paris is the ideal location to do so," he said when he was revealed as a PSG player in 2021.

However, he was completely incorrect about that. His existence is one of the reasons why PSG is struggling so much despite the fact that he has been with the team for less than two years.

Without a question, Messi's worst professional move was investing in the essentially defective PSG enterprise. And that's saying something, considering he once trusted Josep Maria Bartomeu.

A trip to Paris is appealing for clear reasons.

PSG offered him the money he desired, plus the opportunity to play with his old pal Neymar and the game's most promising youngster, Kylian Mbappe.

It was supposed to be enjoyable, but instead it has been tedious.

Lionel Messi PSG 2022-23

The crucial encounters are where you vanish!
Messi's first year in the French city was rough for him, he says, due to a number of factors (including traffic and catching the virus Covid-19).

His bad play on the field was a direct consequence of his problems off of it. In the end, he was even hissed by the PSG faithful.

The progress this season has been noticeable, but as Rothen has referred to, many supporters believe that Messi's early season surge was motivated by his determination to be in peak physical and mental condition for the Qatar Champions League.

Since then, he has been playing with even more flexibility, now that the pressure of winning the World Cup is off his back. Messi has also disclosed that he now feels more "at ease" in Paris.

But that's been cold comfort to people like Rothen.

'Messi doesn't want to get engaged with this team,' he said. "He claims he's acclimated now; my question is, to what?"

You had 18 goals and 16 helpers against Angers and Clermont this year, right? The big games, though, you never show up for!

Xavi Lionel Messi Barcelona

Once again, Messi is a Barça player.
Mbappe noted that Bayern was "designed to win the Champions League," and Messi wasn't the only key star to disappear.

In comparison, PSG's proprietors have simply built a club on shaky ground that can't possibly support the wages of three A-listers.

One could counter that Messi does not have as much financial interest in PSG as they do in him.

The fact that that is the case should come as no surprise. We all know he was sad to depart his adopted hometown of Barcelona. We all know he still considers them to be a part of his gang. We all know he still considers Camp Nou home. Indeed, Xavi has stated this openly.

In light of this, a return to Camp Nou would seem to be Messi's best option, both professionally and personally, if he wishes to remain active in European football beyond the conclusion of the current season.

With rumors of potential transfers to the Major League Soccer and Saudi Arabia, PSG will give him a higher salary to remain put.

But Messi shouldn't let money get in the way of his decision right now.

The only reason he should be thinking about money is to calculate how much he needs to reduce his salary expectations so that financially constrained Barcelona can afford to transfer him.

At this point in his career, if financial gain is his primary motivation, he should continue collecting a salary from PSG or follow in Cristiano Ronaldo's footsteps by playing in Saudi Arabia.

Naturally, he has the right to do so if he so chooses. There have been seven different years in which Messi has won the Ballon d'Or. He has worked hard and deserves the freedom to make decisions that are best for him and his loved ones.

Lionel Messi PSG Bayern Munich

The Greatest Of All Time must make a crucial choice.
If he wants to win another Champions League, however, he should not waste any more time at the Parc des Princes, where things are only going to get worse in the coming weeks and months.

Retirement is preferable to further tarnishing his image through association with this harmful organization.

In other words, he has no intention of leaving his current position. Despite reaching the pinnacle of his international career in December in Doha, Messi has not yet retired.

On the contrary, he is said to be confident in his ability to guide Argentina to a repeat victory at the World Cup in four years' time in North America.

Clearly, Messi still has a strong desire to play for Argentina. Though he has ended his sports career, he is obviously not done with life.

But Rothen is correct: the Messi we saw against Bayern is not the inspired and motivating character we saw in Qatar just three months ago; therefore, The GOAT has a huge choice, one he needs to get right.

Although signing with PSG was a disastrous decision for his professional career, continuing on would be even worse.


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