Scholarships in 2023 that pay a stipend in full (Paid Monthly).

Free Tuition and Living Expenses for Undergraduates in 2023 You've probably heard a lot about fully-funded scholarships, but what if I told you that you could get paid each month by an overseas university to pay for your education? In 2023, overseas students can choose from thousands

Scholarships for which the IELTS is not required are currently being accepted online from prospective students all around the world for the next academic year of 2023. Scholarships for higher education are listed here; recipients receive a wide range of financial support, including tuition reduction or elimination, medical and travel insurance, a stipend to cover housing costs, and more.

List of Tuition-Free Scholarships for the Academic Year 2023:

Getting the necessary IELTS scores is much more difficult in 2023 because of the exponential increase in competition. Since there are international scholarships with stipend money available that do not require the IELTS exam, I advise international students to forego taking the IELTS exam. This page lists dozens of scholarships available to international students in 2023 that recognize equivalents to the IELTS exam or other recognized language credentials.

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1. the Swiss government offers scholarships with a monthly stipend of up to CHF 3,550.

The first that comes to mind are the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate Excellence Scholarships offered by the Swiss government and Swiss universities. These scholarships are open to international students from a select group of countries and do not need candidates to have a certain IELTS score. The Swiss Excellence Research Scholarship is one of two types of Swiss scholarships, but only one for master's degree students. The second is the Swiss Government's Support of the Swiss Artists Abroad Program.

2. Receive a monthly stipend of $3000 with help from CIS scholarships.

The prestigious Chinese universities and the Confucius Institute have established the Confucius Institute Scholarships to encourage international students to study Chinese and learn about Chinese culture. Scholarships are available for undergraduate study to all non-Chinese students between the ages of 18 and 35, and graduate study to all students between the ages of 18 and 45. In the meantime, the scholarship period for the BS program is 4 years and the MS program is 1 year. To fulfill the English proficiency requirement, however, applicants can submit TOEFL scores instead of IELTS results.

3. Scholarships in Australia provide a monthly stipend of AUD 30,000.

Full funding is available through the Australia Award Scholarships for students from developing and Indo-Pacific nations to pursue a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, or Postgraduate degree in Australia. It's a partnership between the Australian government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and a non-profit organization that helps international students who are struggling financially. Starting in 2023, students who get this fully-funded Australian scholarship will be able to attend TAFE and other Australian universities tuition-free and with full academic coverage. In addition, applicants can submit TOEFL iBT or PTE scores instead of IELTS scores if they like. In addition, scholarship recipients are required to leave Australia for two years following graduation.

4. Quebec Government Merit Scholarships, Value: $9,000 (CAD) Over Three Years.

Also stepping up to the plate is the Quebec government, which would fund low-cost tuition for qualified international students if they study in Quebec. Because of this, the Government of Quebec has launched Merit Scholarships for students pursuing Graduate and Postgraduate degrees in Developmental and Technical fields at Quebec universities. The scholarship's winners will get a sizable cash award for use toward their future academic and life goals. While IELTS scores are preferred, language certifications or TOEFL iBT scores can also be used to demonstrate language competence. However, only citizens of Asia or France are eligible to apply for this award.

5. Monthly Scholarship Award of KW 900,000 from Global Korea.

Foreign students interested in studying in Korea can now apply for fully financed Global Korea Scholarships, as announced by the Korean government. Students seeking funding for their Bachelor's or Associate's degrees may apply for these scholarships without having to submit IELTS scores, and they will also be provided with a year of free Korean language training through GKS. Like the MS program, the BS program's scholarship lasts for four to six years. The scholarship for the Associate's degree, however, can be used for up to three years.



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