Romania Government Scholarships for Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral Degrees in 2023.

The Romanian Government is offering a number of fully financed scholarships for the academic year 2023–2024, and applications can now be submitted online.

These sponsored scholarships do not require applicants to have a minimum IELTS score, thus international students from anywhere in the globe (outside of the European Union) are encouraged to apply and make their aspirations a reality.

Summary of Romanian Government Scholarship Opportunities.

Completely paid for by the Romanian government, education in Romania is a reality that few can believe in. This excellent opportunity to use scholarship money to pay for college isn't available to everyone.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research are responsible for these scholarship sponsorship programs. Applying for these scholarships will allow international students from low-income backgrounds to attend university in Romania at no cost, with full tuition and living expenses covered.

Duration of Government of Romania Scholarship:

The length of a scholarship, for example, could be different for each type of college degree;

  • Three to six years for a bachelor's degree
  • 1.5–2 years for a master's degree
  • It Takes About Three to Five Years to Get a Ph.D.

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Scholarships are offered with Government Support from Romania.

The following perks will be provided to scholarship recipients from the Romanian government to help them succeed in their academic endeavors:

  • There Are No Joining Fees
  • Coverage of all College Expenses
  • Amenities for Living
  • PHD. students receive an annual stipend of 85 Euros, while MS students receive 75 Euros and BS students receive 65 Euros per month.
  • Medical coverage
  • The Romanian Language Course is Free
  • Public Transportation in Your Area is Provided at No Cost

Criteria for Receiving a Romanian Scholarship.

To proceed with your application, please review the following criteria to ensure you meet them:

  • A non-European Union student may apply.
  • Those who have received a Romanian Scholarship in the past are not eligible for another.
  • Those who are serious about applying should have a stellar academic track record.
  • Before applying for the grant, BS and MS students are required to take Romanian language classes for one year.
  • Ph.D. students are required to clear the entrance exam.
  • Each prospective candidate must be in peak mental and physical health.
  • Applicant must meet the language requirements of the chosen degree program.

Scholarship Application Process in Romania:

Online applications are easy to complete. Study in Romania's official platform can be accessed by logging in. Follow that by selecting the MFA Scholarship Application link. The next step is to attach any necessary PDF papers to the scholarship application.

Meanwhile, this is the sole suitable platform to deliver the application. It is not allowed to pursue unofficial channels, such as emailing MFA personnel or submitting applications to the Ministry of Education Registration Offices.

Required Paperwork:

The following materials must be included with your application for a scholarship from the Romanian government:

  • Birth Certificate Copy.
  • Copy of a Valid Passport
  • Documentation is equivalent to a four-year college degree.
  • Submission of digitized Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees.
  • Motivation Letter.
  • Academic Transcripts copies in English/French/ Spanish/ \sRomanian language.
  • Identical to the CNIC copy.
  • Curriculum vitae (in English or French) (if asked)
  • Intended Cooperation Letter (for Ph.D. Students)
  • Proposal for Research (for Ph.D. applicants)

Scholarships for Romania have a March 1st, 2023 deadline.

Online, submit your application for a fully financed scholarship in Romania by March 1, 2023.


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