Fully Funded Scholarship: South Korean Government Scholarships & Grants for International Students 2023-2024 Session

The Republic of Korea is providing fully funded scholarships to international students for the 2023-2024 academic year

Financial aid for studying in South Korea, 2023–2024 - The Republic of Korea is providing fully funded scholarships to international students for the 2023 academic year. The South Korean government, in collaboration with the universities there, awards scholarships to deserving students so they can study at some of the best institutions in the nation. Korea has become more popular in recent years because of how well its schools teach and how well it treats students from other countries. These scholarships cover all expenses, making it possible for deserving students to study in Korea.


 Review of South Korean Fully Funded Scholarships 2023-2025

This report includes some of the finest scholarships available in Korea for overseas students. Students should check out the official websites of these schools to learn more about these scholarships and make sure they meet the requirements to sign up.

 All the Korean scholarships provide a wonderful chance for students to further their education in Korea and fulfill their academic ambitions.


  1. Kyungpook National University (KNU) International Graduate Scholarship:

This grant gives a full waiver on tuition fees for eligible courses and is accessible for graduate programs, including Masters and Doctorate . It is given to the 70 best students who are accepted into a program that is recognized by the government. This is a great way for foreign students to attend Kyungpook National University at a price they can afford.

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  1. Korean Government Bachelor and Graduate Programs Scholarship:

The Korean government scholarship offer provides an excellent opportunity for foreign students to study in the country while learning the language and cultural heritage of the good people of Korea. The scholarship offer covers tuition fees and other expenditures such as healthcare coverage, airfare, language coaching, and a relocation stipend. This Korean scholarship seeks to recruit outstanding individuals from around the world and provide them with the opportunity to contribute to Korean society. Bachelor students can apply in October and November, while graduate students can apply from March through April.

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  1. Hanyang University (HU) Scholarship, Seoul

The Hanyang University Scholarship covers all graduate-level tuition at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea, as well as 70% of undergraduate tuition. The university offers many of its several courses in English, and it is renowned for having knowledgeable professors.

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  1. University of Science Technology (UST) South Korea for Masters and Ph.D

The South Korean Scholarship for Master's and Doctoral Programs at the University of Science and Technology in Korea (UST) is a prestigious opportunity that is extremely competitive. This scholarship is awarded twice annually, and all applications must be submitted digitally. If you want to earn your Master's or Doctorate in Korea, this is your chance.

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  1. Funded Research Assistantship for Graduates at KoreaTech

 Graduate students in the School of Mechatronics Engineering at the Korea University of Technology and Education can apply for supported research assistantships through KoreaTech. This award covers fifty college credits and provides a monthly stipend. Travel expenses to conferences may be subsidized if students are compelled to attend. This position is open to Master's and Doctoral students, with a preference given to those pursuing doctorates. All applicants should have a high level of academic achievement, published work, work experience, fluency in English, and the ability to communicate well. Only a small number of grants are available.

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  1. Scholarships at Hankuk University South Korea

Scholarships at Korea's Hankuk University are available to international students studying at the undergraduate level. The school offers classes in many different fields, including international law, linguistics, and international relations (IR). All of these classes are taught in English. All applications must be submitted via the website.

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  1. Scholarship at 2Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Scholarships for Attending the World-Class University of Science and Technology (KAIST) The Korean government and several private corporations have jointly supported Korea's first research institution. English-language degree programs are available at no cost to both domestic and international students. The education at KAIST is meant to broaden the students' horizons.

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  1. Jeonbuk National University Korea Scholarship

Undergraduate international students with exceptional academic records can apply for a scholarship to study at Korea's Jeonbuk National University. The award can be used to cover anywhere from a quarter to a full year's worth of school expenses. A high school diploma or equivalent and proof of English language skills are required for admission to an accredited undergraduate program. You can prove your English skills at this school by taking any of the following exams: TOEFL, IBT, TEPS, and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). College students from any country are eligible to apply for the award.

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  1. National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Seoul

Funding opportunities for international students are available at Korea's Seoul National University of Science and Technology. This award is for graduate students with high GPAs and good English language skills. All admitted students are automatically considered for the scholarship. The scholarship is renewable each year the recipient maintains a grade point average of three points or higher and pays between fifty and one hundred percent of the annual tuition.

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  1. Scholarships Available at Ewha Woman's University

At Korea's Ewha Woman's University, both graduate and undergraduate women from poor countries can apply for full-tuition scholarships. This Korean fellowship pays for all school expenses, including registration and room board. On the office's website devoted to student financial aid, you can find information on how to apply through the university's "special admissions for overseas students" system as well as the program's course and eligibility requirements

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