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Tabelas can be customized to suit the specific needs and style of each business. They can incorporate various design elements such as logos, graphics, text, and even lighting to enhance visibility and aesthetics. Some businesses may opt for illuminated or digital tabelas that allow for dynamic content and greater flexibility in message delivery.


In Istanbul, as a bustling city with a vibrant commercial scene, you will find a wide variety of tabelas showcasing businesses of all types and sizes. They contribute to the visual appeal and character of the cityscape, forming an integral part of the local advertising and branding landscape.

Kutlu Reklam: Tabela | Tabelacı | Tabela Yapımı

Kutlu Reklam: Tabela | Tabelacı | Tabela Yapımı

Her işletmenin ihtiyacı tabela modelleri, ışıklı kapı tabelası, kabartma tabela, kapı tabelası gibi birçok tabela modelini ve tabela tasarımları.